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Monday, August 26, 2013

In D-ville, Loafing and Recollecting

Good Monday, everyone! Here we are...doing well and blogging again.
While in D-ville, since Friday night, we thank God for being alive and well...
Glad to be in the place again, spending some summertime remaining at daughter Tintin's.
Saturday morning was unexpected, while Freny and I were about to go to Ringgold's Flea Market.
Once she started our car, Freny noticed immediately on the dashboard (!), besides Maint Reqrd.
So, we drove it to D-ville's Auto Dealership and Service Center where we saw a "kababayan."
Freny said she and Tintin have met him before, when the two were there for tire pressure check.
So, while our car was serviced, we lounged in their waiting area with a number of customers, like us.
With a cup of coffee and a Danish breakfast's Svenhard's raisin-ette, I sat quietly like a good child.
Freny, on the other hand, was busy talking to a newly-found fellow educator, also a "minority."
I offered my coffee to Freny but she said No. So, I finished it while perusing Southern Living.
Wandering around the Dealership's lobby, curious of their flashy, shiny sales on display, I felt good.
Then I had the opportunity to talk to this fellow brother with ease, the one that Freny has already met.
Eventually, as we were in an animated conversation, Freny joined us and we continued our chat.
In about an hour and a half, our car was ready. We left the Dealership with our friend's business card.
On the road, we rolled down to D-ville's Community Farmer's Market and bought beans and fruits.
And visited the table of Cake Lady where we said "Hi, and Glad to see you again" with her hubby.
From there we found our way to realize Freny's indulgence at Ringgold's with minimal purchase.
Meanwhile, Tintin has been busy reading or reviewing a GRE book that unexpected Saturday...
That night was eating and bonding time, exchanging ideas, virtual-touring of houses on the market.
And the night punctuated with a good night's rest and zzzzzzz on our respective comfortable air beds.

Sunday, we all went to 9 a.m. Mass at D-ville's one and only Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
Had coffee and pastries and cookies, and fellowship and friendship here and there, after Mass.
Met fellow "kayumanggi," with awe and joy, and came to know a middle-aged FilAm couple.
While still in the church ground, we found out Doc's wife is from Ilocos and can still speak Samtoy.
Lively and lovely, friendly and heart-warming gestures reciprocated as we bid each others' See you...
With thanksgiving to God for welcoming and receiving Jesus in our midst, we're elated and euphoric.
Having met and befriended a young white man wearing a gray NAVY shirt at a fast-food restaurant.
After identifying myself a retired U.S. Navy veteran, I learned he just attended his buddy's wedding.
He's from Redding, California; an ET at Gunston Hall, and has an expectant Sailor wife in Italy.
Probably in his mid-20s, Elyk seems unassuming, unpretentious, determined and responsible Sailor.
So we talked and talked as we tried to enjoy our ordered fast food, on a sunshiny Sunday in D-ville.
Finally, we exchanged numbers after I invited him to our place for weekends if he's off-duty.
(After all, we're brothers in the Service, trying to take care of our own, and help out others striving.)
I'm sure, Freny and Tintin agreed with me on this...especially when it comes to being a Christian.
We reiterated for him to call us so we can pick him up and share him a part of our cultural heritage.
We can only hope and pray that he does and that he and his wife and their future baby are doing well.

Back at Tintin's apartment, Freny and I agreed that I'd stay for a while in D-ville to rest and relax.
She went back to 757 alone, yesterday afternoon, because they're back to school-work already.
Only they, not their students, she informed me. Students will report after September 2, Labor Day.
So here we are writing this blog post, recollecting our thoughts in D-ville, while alone but not lonely.
Listening to classical music that inspires me, at this time, to do what I like to do---loafing & praying...
Eating, observing outside, reading, writing-blogging, speaking to people, stretching, and watching, etc.

This is all for now. Thank you, my dear folks and friends, for having visited my blog. Until next time...
May God bless US and keep US safe from harm always!-Chris A. Quilpa, 26 August 2013

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