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Monday, January 6, 2014

First Saturday and Sunday of 2014

Good day, everyone! Hope you've had a great time this weekend.

Saturday, 04 Jan 2014. Where were we? And what did we do? Well, let me see...Freny and I did a couple of errands. First off, we visited Toyota's. This is in connection with son Andrew's car which has a a slight problem with its bumper, aesthetically speaking. The dealership/auto service center did a quick fix on it. But they recommended replacing the bumper? I don't know about that. To me, it was just a minor thing. But I don't know if it has an effect on Andrew's driving, you know.

Anyway, from there, Freny and I agreed that we'd see each other at Walgreen's. (I was driving my old Avalon.) The fact is, she has to go back home driving Andrew's car and she would just ask Rose to drive her to Walgreen's before the latter goes to her part-time work. That's what happened.

In my case, prior to going to Walgreen's, I dropped by at our bank to check our balances and at the same time cash our Christmas gift check ($100) from my brother and sis-in-law in Washington State. before I forget, many thanks to our families and friends who gave us gifts and Christmas cards. Thank you very much.

While at Walgreen's, Freny was already there waiting outside when I was looking for a parking spot. Inside Walgreen's, we immediately proceeded to the photo lab dept, by the kiosk and I started uploading and selecting photos to be copied or printed out. (Freny breezed through the store looking for After-Christmas bargain.) I did print out copies enough for our friends who were with us during the holidays.

Since it took an hour, at least, to wait for the photos to be printed out, Freny and I thought of hanging out at Hardee's which is just across the street from Walgreen's. That's what we did...At Hardee's, we ordered each that $5 big bag meal.  That's our late lunch but too early for dinner. Killing time is not killing time, for me. I did read today's daily, via the region's The Virginian-Pilot newspaper that's available on a table where we sat in. I did pay attention to the columns and the editorial, too. I was particularly interested in Cal Thomas's column regarding the problem of poverty and how to solve it. (At home, I let daughter Tintin read it since it's one of her interests---societal issues. (she majored in sociology, btw).

After having taken our photo (printing) orders at Walgreen's, Freny and I went home. I did sort out the photos and designated each copy to prospective recipient/s.

As evening came, Tintin and I decided to prepare/cook fried rice out of our left-over rice and some cooked sausages. My intent was to show Tintin how to cook simple meal out of left-over food that's still edible and healthy, I believe. (See photos below, taken by Freny.) Our dinner was great! Thank God.

Sunday, 05 Jan 2014. Freny and I, and daughter Tintin participated in that 9:30 Mass at St.  Paul's Catholic Church. Son Andrew was still sleeping when we left for church in the morning. (He and his Aunt Rose attended the 11:15 Mass at Church of Resurrection.) Since we're volunteer Eucharistic Ministers and having been scheduled in  today's Mass, Freny and I distributed the consecrated wine, aka "The Blood of Christ," during the Holy Communion to our fellow parishioners. Btw, Rev. Fr. David, our pastor, celebrated the Mass with us. He tried to inject humor in his opening homily by belting a line, "When you wish upon a star..." from that Disney movie. He likewise mentioned something about that character Pinochio.

After the Holy Communion, the three of us left the church building for Norfolk. Reason? Tintin was scheduled as pianist for that Christian church there. So, in reality, if and when Tintin is the designated/scheduled pianist there on Sundays, we usually have two church worship services to attend. Isn't that interesting and fun, folks and friends? I, myself, feel kind of fortunate to have attended two churches which are both Christian churches, anyway. Thank God for this opportunity. As usual, I always let Rev. Dan, the pastor there, that how much I like his sermon. He mentioned about New Year's resolution/s. Instead of resolution, he said, revolution, and something about transformation, too.
On our way back home, from Norfolk, we stopped by at Captain D's in Chesapeake, for lunch to go instead of dining in there. Reason? Daughter Tintin has to drive back to D-ville for she has work Monday. So we just had lunch at home. About 2:30 p.m., Tintin left 757 for D-ville. She called us i9n the evening that she arrived there in her apartment safely. Thank God.

Well, the photos, below, are available for the sharing, my dear folks and friends near or far. Enjoy!
Here's me and Freny at Hardee's...

 At home, cooking fried rice with Tintin, using left-over food from our ref, Saturday evening. My intent was to show Tintin how to cook simple meal out of left-over edible food. She was the one who prepared the ingredients chopped garlic and onion, and the left-over rice, etc. She also set the pan.

 Sunday morning, after the 9:30 Mass at St. Paul's Catholic Church in downtown Portsmouth. We did find our way to another Christian church in Norfolk where Tintin is the scheduled pianist today.
 Tintin is snacking a banana on our way to Norfolk...

 Back home, after church, we ate lunch (food to go, ordered) from Captain D's in Chesapeake.

 A brief photo sessions, prior to Tintin's leaving 757 for D-ville...

Photos (c) 2014 by Chris A. Quilpa

That's all for now, my dear folks and friends. Thanks for reading/visiting my blog. Until next time around...Take care and have a wonderful, peaceful day/night. May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 01.06.2014

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