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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Neighbors Helping Neighbors, After Tuesday Night's Crippling Snowstorm

Hi, everyone! Good day to y'all! Thank God, we're alive and well...

After last night's crippling snowstorm in 757, aka Hampton Roads, VA, that brought our area approximately 6 1/2 to 9 inches of fluffy, cold, white snow, our caring neighbors and friends came out to help us clear our snow-laden driveway/cars and front yard. With their own snow shovels and snow-clearing tools or equipment, they braved the bitterly, below-freezing cold and snow just so they could clear our driveway, especially.

Through this post, I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our good and caring neighbors like Dr. Chris (a U.S. naval medical officer working at NMCP where I used to work (and retired) while I was still active in the U.S. Navy), Nino and his wife Doreen, Margaret and her husband Rick, and Travis. who, along with my wife Freny and sis-in-law Rose, did clear our driveway in a couple of hours this morning. Without them, it would have taken days for Freny and Rose to do the work. (Sorry, guys, if I couldn't help you at all because of my debilitating disability, chronic lower back pain/problems, sciatica, fibromyalgia which prompted me to retire from naval active duty nine years ago.) Thank you, neighbors and friends, for your caring, "can do" attitude, and your spirit of caring, neighborliness/Godliness, and Love. May God bless US and our families always!

Well, here are the photos we've taken to capture/document the moment "our good neighbors helping us, their neighbors." The photos, undoubtedly, depict the spirit of unity and teamwork, neighborliness, helping one another. Yes, good and gracious God, you sent our neighbors to our aid/rescue, and they shared of themselves selfless love and caring, like the time you sent your only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us all on earth. Thank God, for our good neighbors and friends. Again, thank you, my dear neighbors and friends, and family members for your time, skills, expertise, and energy. You guys are the best!

Photos and Texts (c) 2014 by Chris A. Quilpa

Well, my folks and friends, far and wide, this is all for now. Thanks, everyone, for reading/visiting my blog. Until next time around...Take care and have a peaceful and relaxing day/night. May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 01.29.2014

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