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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How's My Weekend?

Good day, everyone! Thank God, we're alive and well...

How's my weekend? Let me start by saying that it was good. I had a good time, enjoying every moment of my life.

On Friday, I've seen Canadian geese on the school playground. On Saturday, my wife, Freny, and I ate lunch outside, then went to see a movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, in Chesapeake. We enjoyed the movie, had a good time, I would say. Daughter Tintin came home for the three-day weekend. (Three-day weekend, I say, because tomorrow, Monday, is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday.) Saturday evening, after dinner at Taco Bell, we visited our friends Mike and Myrna. We did have a good time there, sharing stories, and watching a TV show.

Sunday morning, we participated in the Mass at our parish, St. Paul's Catholic. Frequent visiting retired priest, Monsignor Elkin, celebrated the Liturgy with us. Freny and I did distribute the consecrated host, the "Body of Christ" to our fellow parishioners. After the Holy Communion, we left the church for another Christian worship service in Norfolk where Tintin was scheduled today as the pianist. We had a good time there, too, praying to, praising and singing for God.

After church, we had lunch at a buffet and grill restaurant in Chesapeake. Enjoyed the company of my family, and those around me. Food was good; time well-spent, and prayed before and after eating, grateful for life's blessings and graces. From there, we went to a shopping mall nearby. I almost bought something, a black London Fog coat, but I finally said no. (As of now, I don't need any more coats or jackets. See, I just wrote and posted a poem about clothes two days ago?) After an hour or so at the mall, we went home sweet home. I felt exhausted, tired. But, I had a good time, though. Thank God.

Now, the photos I've taken to document/capture the moments with my family. They're here...Enjoy!

 Story and Photos (c) 2014 by Chris A. Quilpa

Well, my dear folks and friends, that's about it for now. Thanks, everyone, for reading/visiting my blog. Until next time around...Take care and have a wonderful day/night. May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 01.19.2014

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