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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Freezing Cold But Sunny Tuesday

Hi, everyone! Good day to y'all! (Wow, sounds like a Southerner!) Anyway, thank God, we're alive and well...

Brrrr! So cold today! Pardon me but, I swear, I don't mind when it's kind of frigid outside. It's the season, btw. The words that have been in the airwaves nowadays are arctic blast or arctic freeze? I don't know but I leave these up to the meteorologists to explain us the meaning. As of now, we don't have snow yet in the area, compared to other parts of the country where they're blanket with pure white snow. (I just saw a picture on Facebook this morning with two nuns "enjoying" their coffee in their porch or backyard? That was kind of awesome to see.)

My young adult son Andrew left 757 for The Capital/Land of Mary this morning, after spending the holidays at home with the family and friends. We had a great time together, I would say. We had get-together with family friends in Chesapeake, and at home. His friends came over on New Year's Eve/Day and we shared together our food and fellowship/friendship. We've attended church, had lunch together, etc. We had moments of laughter and seriousness. That's basically how we celebrated the Christmas holidays.

Despite having a very cold, freezing but sunny weather today (and even tomorrow as the weather forecasters predicted, I took the initiative to do a little backyard walk in our deck this morning...just to do a simple physical conditioning while, at the same time, trying to inhale fresh air. I know, we can't be that sedentary all the time, unless we're completely unable to perform simple exercise. At least, we're trying to take care of ourselves to be well, to stay active during this cold season. That's all.

Well, this is all for now and thanks, everyone, for reading/visiting my blog again. Hope you enjoyed the photos embedded here. (Btw, I had some photos of me (selfie) taken via my Windows phone while I was walking in my backyard this morning and I did share them to my Facebook folks and friends.)

Photos (c) 2014 by Chris A. Quilpa

Now, I'm signing off so I can prepare something for dinner. It looks like it's gonna be baked pork cutlets scaloppini and boiled green beans, and steamed rice, I guess. Thank God, Andrew arrived in DC safe and sound. He sent me a text a few hours ago while I was having "brunch."

Until next time around, my dear folks and friends...Take care and have a safe, peaceful day/night. May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 01.07.2013

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