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Monday, January 13, 2014

Noisy, Messy House

Hi, everyone! Good day to you and me...Thank God, we're alive and well...

If there's a will, there's a way. That's right. There's a way to do this or that, a better way to solve this or that. Now, as you may have already known, from my last post, we have had an unexpected problem in the house linked or attributed to a freezing cold temperature we had last Tuesday afternoon. Busted pipe, flooded driveway and dining room. So, what did you guys do, you ask? But, of course, we notified our home insurance company. (Btw, I delegated this work to my wife Freny and thankfully, without hesitation, she agreed. She has no choice but to do it, frankly speaking. You know, she needs this kind of push to train herself to be independent, if and when I'm no longer alive/around.) Patiently and persistently, we got responses to our calls. Her calls, I should emphasize.

Friday. The claims (insurance) adjuster and her colleague (I was informed later that she's an intern) came to check or inspect our claim. I started sharing them my story, then showed one of them the photos of the flooded laminated wooden floor in our dining room, foyer, kitchen. They did take photos and measurements, etc. Then, the two women went out to their car and told me that they would be back. Two hours after, they got back in. I ushered them to our living room, asked them if they want something to drink...They said, they're fine. Then began the discussion...what to expect in the coming days, etc.

 Saturday. Freny and I went to have "brunch" at Hardee's. We didn't stay there that long because we had to go back home. We were expecting an employee or employees from Service Master, a company that does cleaning, restoration of water damages areas in a house, I believe. Arriving home, we saw a black truck and a yellow van with Service Master on it already parked on our driveway. After getting to know each other, and exchanging pleasantries, work began.. The working crew did move and remove stuff from cabinets, drawers, etc. Then, afterwards, two of them started removing the laminated floors, cut a portion of the wall in our dining room, did the moisture tests here and there with their monitor device? Finally, they let the ten heavy duty dryers, humidifiers, and special fans do their job. Wow, the house became like a factory with the loud, audible noise from these dryers which would be with us for two or three days? Besides, the first/lower level of our house smelled so dusty and looked messy...I was having headaches from what I've been inhaling, hearing, etc. I felt sickly already. So, I went upstairs and rested in bed, after dinner. Before I forget, we treated the working crew with pizza and soda pop, as a gesture of our hospitality and fellowship. Btw, there was a tornado warning alert in our area that Saturday afternoon/early evening. Then it rained.

Sunday morning. I had a very strange feeling when I rose up from bed at 5:00. I was feeling kinda weak and light-headed. Plus my chest was kind of achy, aside from my lower back. I went back to bed, trying to get back to sleep. But, I couldn't. The noise of the dryers/fans robbed me of sleep! I tried to pray my rosary while in that state of uncomfortable feeling. On the other hand, Freny was in slumber, I would say with precision.

At about past 8:00 o'clock, I rose up but with a feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. But I managed to have my bath or shower. Freny also did go shower, but used the other bathroom. Both of us got dressed up, after shower. Then, off to church Freny and I went. Son Andrew, who's here this weekend, was still sleeping in his room. So I assumed he and his aunt Rose would be going to that 11:15 Mass in another clustered parish.  

After Mass, Freny and I went to NEX where we had lunch at Subway restaurant there. Afterwards, we pumped gas for our car. From there, we drove to the Commissary where we bought groceries. Then, where else but home, sweet home where those dryers and fans have been waiting to bombard my sensitive ears. I tell you, they're driving me sickly, crazy already! What a torture!

Alright, today, Monday, the plumber I contacted, via our friend Mike, came this afternoon. Scott, not Raymund, of this plumbing company in Virginia Beach came and he fixed what needs to be fixed. he replaced the busted/cracked/broken pipe. He also insulated it, and tested it for leaks. Thank God, it's fixed. Cost of the repair? A whooping $175! Just for a short period of time (not even 30 minutes) of service! Now, the dryers. The duo, from Service Master, came to check the damaged area in our dining room. Their final say: The dryers/fans will remain for another day, they said. There are areas, especially in the area where the busted pipe was, that are still kind of wet, not dry, they said. What? Another day of sleepless night, huh?
Btw, son Andrew left for The capital after eating his lunch. (He's back there now, safe and sound. Thank God.)

Now, the pictures...Enjoy! ServiceMASTER crew  doing their thing on a cold, chilly, rainy Saturday...

A tornado warning was in effect Saturday evening...ServiceMASTER crew were still busy with their work...

Sunday, after Mass at St. Paul's Catholic Church, here we NEX where we had lunch and shopping. Then, we drove to the Commissary where we bought groceries...

A clear, chilly but sunny Monday afternoon, plumber Scott replacing the busted pipe in our dining room...

Contents of our dining room were scattered and/or distributed everywhere in the house...Messy and loud!

Photos (c) 2014 by Chris A. Quilpa

Well, this is it, for now. Thanks, everyone, for reading/visiting my blog. Until next time around. Take care and Have a wonderful, peaceful day/night. May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 01.13.2014

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