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Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Sunrise over Hampton Roads

TGIF! Thank God, It's Friday! Good day, everyone.

Folks and friends, if I were to ask you: Which do you prefer, sunrise or sunset? Would you choose one over the other? None of the above? Or both? Why?

Look at these photos I've taken while I was in my backyard one Autumn Friday over Hampton Roads. See what I've seen and witnessed? Aren't they amazing and inspiring? Glad and thankful that I captured the mood of the moment, with these Canadian geese flying so free in the open Autumn skies. Thank God for your creation, including me and all around me...I feel so blessed. Thank you, Jesus! You're my Inspiration, you know.

Well, enjoy my photos, my dear folks and friends! Am I good or what? Thank you.

                                         Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Although many, I would assume, consider sunset to be lovely and romantic, I like sunrise. Why? For me, it's glorious and magical, and simply amazing and beautiful! I love to be able to walk out early morning and watch the beauty of the sun as it slowly rises up in the horizon to meet or kiss the azure sky. Isn't it fantastic and magical to witness this ball of fire, a source of life that's emerging again from its slumber? That's my take on Sunrise.

Smile, folks! And move on...Be that sunrise for others, you know. I won't say forget your past. But this is just my thought: Don't be tied up in your past. It's over and done and, honestly, there's nothing you can do about it but face and accept the challenges and changes of today, NOW, this time! Stay alive and healthy, as much as you can, and be happy with your life. Live it well, you know. If you don't , who will? Enjoy what you do and share what you know and what you have...Thank God, we're alive and well, and busy blogging and sharing our time, talents, thoughts, etc.

Hope you guys enjoyed my presentation today. Stay positive and hopeful. Likewise, do something worthwhile to keep you sane and sensible, like me. This blogging (and photography) keeps me busy and alive, and well, you know. I just love sharing with you one of my hobbies nowadays. Hope you're inspired to do something interesting to make our life-world beautiful and wonderful...

Until next time around, my dear folks and friends near or far. Stay tuned for my next post. Take care and Smile always! God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 10.25.2013

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