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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grocery-Shopping Time

Hello, everyone! We're still here...So, welcome to our blog-world, especially to our accidental reader/s!

At the outset, I thank God and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, for being alive and well, and inspired by the Holy Spirit (to share with you my life, my thoughts, and experiences as I continue living and trying to enjoy Life, with Hope and Love, and Faith)!

Just to let you know that, as I am composing this post, I'm watching-listening to the music of one of my favorite singers, the legendary Nora Aunor, the one and only superstar in the Philippines, on YouTube. (Thanks to those video uploaders on YT. Do appreciate the good job you're doing...sharing your passion with/to the public.) I feel relaxed and relieved each time I listen to her songs, mostly ballads, you know. I'm not kidding! On the other hand, our TV in our family room has been on, set on PBS,the whole afternoon, since I arrived from my grocery-shopping at my favorite Navy Commissary/Exchange Store today, the one nearest to my residence. So, as you can imagine, where lies my (full) attention/concentration? But, of course, on my blogging! Really? Wondering if you're distracted, Chris, as you're trying to multitask yourself? I can do it, believe me! And I'm doing it right now! If there's a will, there's concentration!

A few hours ago, I've just uploaded and shared photos (I've taken today while grocery-shopping) to my Facebook page for our FB friends and families everywhere around the globe. That is, to let them know that we're doing well so far...I'm going to embed some of those photos here so our blog reader/s can find out our journey in and through life. Just be patient, folks. You'll see me again...

In spite of the gray, chilly and cold Tuesday that we have today in Hampton Roads, and possibly in other areas where Autumn or Fall is in full swing, I'd say I have had a great time today at NEX/Commissary and at home. Thank God...I had "brunch" there (actually a late breakfast, though) at NEX/Subway, where I had a brief chat with a fellow diner there and "Shipmate" (who recognized me as one of their patients in PT, Physical Therapy) at NMCP. I learned that he retired two years earlier than me and now currently working there at NMCP as a contract employee. That's good, I said, as I wish him well. "Have a good day, man," he said when he's done eating. You, too, I replied.

After brunch, I did my shopping at NEX...It was timely at that moment, this morning, while I was at the Women's section, trying to figure out what to buy for Freny, when she gave me a ring. I asked her if she prefers the black Coach bag, instead of the other color, almond? Bingo, she likes the black one! That's what I bought her, with the matching purse. Now, on my way to the Electronics Dept., passing by the Navy Uniform & Gifts section, I got fascinated with this small stuff animal (with big eyes and a long tail!) that it didn't take seconds for me to place it on my shopping cart. In addition, I got fascinated with that Navy blue mug (admittedly, I collect mugs, folks!). At the Electronics section, I couldn't decide whether to buy that white Samsung camera or the blue Canon. A white couple bought that white Samsung digital camera that has this WiFi feature in it. (Hint: I met the couple again at the Commissary while I was doing my grocery. Glenn, that's his name, was in one of my Commissary photos. His wife's is Paula, he said.) Though they were convincing, I went with my guts and opted for and I buy that cute, sleek, blue Canon PowerShot camera. (Actually, I've been eyeing on that since last week; I just waited for my scratch card discount to arrive in the mail so I could save a few $$.) That matches my blue NAVY mug! My friend Kendall (you'll see him with his peace sign) guaranteed that I get 15% off of the total purchase I had. Really? Why? Because he has with him that scratched card with 15% discount and that offer ends today. Thanks, Kendall!

Well, after paying all my merchandise at the Electronics Dept., and passing by the Luggage section, I decided to buy now a pair of luggage for me and Freny's planned cruise next year, in April? I chose the Skyway brand, more durable, I suppose. It's good that I brought with me my scratch card (sent to me via mail by NEX a week ago) that let me save a couple of bucks. I got lucky to have 15% discount again. Before, each time I use the scratch card, I only get 5% off of the total purchase. Thank God. I saved over two hundred for all the merchandise I bought from NEX.

From the NEX, I drove our Sienna to the Commissary where I did my groceries there. You'll see what I have had in my grocery cart. At the check out, sales associate Christine, on check out counter #2, did scan my groceries. She's in the picture, too. And, finally, thanks to Barbara who helped me load my groceries to my van.

Now, folks, here are the photos I promised to embed herewith. Thanks for reading and watching...Until next time around.

Oppps, it's past midnight already. And it's bedtime for me. Good night, everybody! See you next time. God bless us all. Always.-chris a. quilpa, 10.22.2013

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