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Friday, July 27, 2012

'Let the Games Begin" in London, UK: An Olympic 2012 Poem

(Note: As the London 2012 Olympics opens or commences today, Friday, July 27, the author of the poem below wishes all athletes and their coaches and all the tourists and residents of the host nation the best of everything---all for the glory of God, the Source of Life and Hope. Likewise, he wishes all gathered at/for the 2012 Olympics in London, UK, a fun-filled, and safe summer!)

Summer 2012 Olympics in London, UK

Medals in gold, silver and bronze
they're up for grabs for the winning Olympians 
out of all the athletes from around the world 
competing and excelling in their chosen games
at the 30th Olympiad in London, UK
where the athlete-participants gathered together
to break the world record in sports
events that will catapult them to fame
and fortune they've been working and dreaming of...

"Let the games begin, today," they say
in London, United Kingdom
where sports enthusiasts, celebrities, world leaders, and tourists flock
to witness the unity and diversity of humanity in action
of all participants and spectators in awe
with fun and anticipation and excitement
all for the glory and greatness
of sports competition and long tradition
that the season of summer 2012 offers and brings
to the world in peace, and turmoil in other areas
while winning victory is in the minds and hearts 
of all athletes and countries vying for honors
in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.

To all Olympians past and present
young and old
medalists and runner-ups and nearly victorious
your spirit soars while the games are played
and dreams fulfilled while enthusiasm overflows
with pride and joy beaming in every winner's heart
while tears of gladness and sadness mixed up.

London is glittering with gold, silver and bronze
as the Games of all games begin today and the dream is realized
now, hail to you all athletes of the world
you are the best and the chosen ones to compete
representing your country with pride and dignity
playing your best to win accolades and honors, indeed!  

(c) 2012 by chris a. quilpa

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