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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reflections on My Life as I Live It with Force

Having lived my life since birth, I realized that there is this Force that is guiding me or steering my life to what I am now today. Even if I made plans for my future world, when I was old or mature enough to express my independent mind, I came to realize now that there were moments in my past life that (they) didn't make sense to me. Curious of things around me then, and even up to now, I have come to realize that life is not only what you make it but live it with all the unexpected twists and turns that are or were beyond my control. Whatever happenings in the world that came my way as I try or tried to live in a community or society where I ought or should belong, there exists already a destiny in every life of a human being.

Because of this Force that is mysteriously guiding or steering our life, each of us becomes alive and spirited, and motivated to do good, to do something to make our life better and for others to appreciate and benefit. To me, this Force is beyond compare, always there to let us live our life with our own choices and decisions that, at times, not in conformity to whatever knowledge, or beliefs, we have. This Force allows us to make mistakes, so we can learn something about our life and why life is unfair and different from one human being to another. This Force doesn't control us but gives us the will to think and decide what is best for us. This Force empowers us a free will, a mind that is powerful and capable of doing things that can make or break us, that can unite or divide us, that can make us love or hate one another, one that triggers us to feel happy or sad, hopeful or hopeless. This Force is always within us, living in us, breathing in us until the end of our life.

Aware of life's fragility and uncertainty, I have come to realize that what matters most is now, the present moment. Nothing is important than now, this precious moment, as I write or am writing this blog post. With this reality, I have nothing to fear or worry because when my time comes I know and am very sure that I did try or have tried to be consistently good, and beneficial to others even if I know that my life is not perfect and so is the world. Like others, I have found my life to be simple, yet complicated because of the influence of my surroundings or the world where I live. As I continue to live, to try to enjoy life, I realize how we, all humans, are interconnected, one and the same, yet different and unique in our style and/or way of living. I realize how precious life is to be wasted because of poverty, inequality, disease, war, negligence and violence. Yes, I have come to realize how life is unfair, that we have this destiny once we're born, even if we all have this Force guiding us and steering our life to contentment and peace. Finally, I have realized that without this Force in our life  we're nothing but fleeting moment, no substance, nothing worth-remembering. I am thankful I feel this Force in me, working in me, and continue to inspire me to live and enjoy my life with others who can bear and understand me. This Force, I believe, is God, our Almighty Father, Creator of life on earth. Thank you, God, for my life and the people around me who treat me the same way they treat themselves and others. Thank you, Jesus Christ, our Savior, who died for me and inspired me to accept suffering and sacrifice as part of life.---chris a. quilpa, 28July2012

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