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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Blog Post That Wasn't But It Is Now

Congratulations to Eli Manning and the New York Giants! They're the World (Football) Champion in last night's Super Bowl XLVI, played between NY Giants and New England Patriots, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN, and Giants' Quarter Back  Manning the MVP (Most Valuable Player). Final score: NY Giants-21, NE Patriots-17.

I was a bit disappointed last night. Don't get me wrong, folks. No, it wasn't about the Super Bowl per se. Here's what happened: I started writing my blog post while watching the Super Bowl since dinnertime @ 6:30 pm. In between commercials, my eyes shifted to my laptop. On my first paragraph, I was noting or describing or annotating how cold, chilly, cloudy, and drizzly yesterday was while my wife and I were out to attend the Sunday Mass. I also mentioned about our parish pastor, Rev. Fr. David who officiated the Mass. Worth-mentioning, too, in my post was  our gratitude to have him with us the fact that he has gotten well from colds for the past one or two weeks that he was suffering from.

Then I continued with my post, chronicling what my wife and I did Sunday morning, after the Mass. I wrote that we went to the Commissary to buy groceries. We were supposed to eat lunch at Subway restaurant there in the NEX but the restaurant was closed. I don't know if it has something to do with the Super Bowl. So, where did we end up dining? At Captain D's Seafood Restaurant in Chesapeake. It's good that I had that coupon (from our mail). That means a dollar or two savings for us.

On my third paragraph, I was already writing about my reaction to the Super Bowl which was on it's last quarter game. I noted that it was such an exciting game because it was a close fight between the two notable football teams to the finish. At that time. On the third quarter, the New England Patriots were winning but eventually the NY Giants had a touchdown that led them to the victory. NE Patriots didn't have much time already to score even if it was their turn. I felt bad for Tom Brady, NE Patriots' QB. Well, time was ticking and moments later, the game was over! I was congratulating Eli Manning and the NY Giants, on my post. Then, on my last paragraph, I was signing off with something like this..."This is all for now, folks. Thanks for being with me...Until next time around."

I was about to publish it (my blog post) when I realized I failed to mention about Madonna performing for the Halftime Show in the Super Bowl XLVI. I scrolled down my almost finished post and did try to insert a small paragraph about the Halftime Show. I wrote about Madonna who performed well with her entourage. I mentioned how she dressed decently compared to other celebrity performers in previous Super Bowl. I noted how I liked the choices of songs she performed, her old recorded songs that are still popular yet "danceable."

What happened next? OMG, I accidentally press one of the key buttons on my laptop! I tried to retrieve the data but nothing came out. In other words, I failed to save it. I thought it automatically saved it! Sigh. Nada.
Soooo, I didn't bother writing a new post. You bet, I wasted my time. A little frustrated, I was! But, I didn't sweat! I let it go. I thought to myself, well, it's probably God's will that I don't have a Sunday blog post yesterday. Fine with me. No sweat, as I've said.

 Now, here I am, folks, with this post that you're reading today, Monday, a cool, mild Monday! How are you folks doing, by the way? Still enjoying life this winter season? Hope so. I wonder how many called in sick for those who have had Super Bowl XLVI Postgame party. My wife did go to work.

Well, this morning, I had to go to the post office to mail a bill. No, I haven't fully enrolled in this so-called electronic payment plan for our bills. I know, that would save us $ for postage stamps. Actually, for a couple of our utility bills we've been doing it. But, as far as for other bills, we're still patronizing the US Postal Service, you know. Going green, you say? I'm for it. That's one thing that my wife and I will seriously consider.

From the post office, guess where I went next? I found a coupon that prompted me to go have brunch at a "popular around the world" franchise eatery where I had buy one get one egg muffin sandwich and a dollar cup of hot coffee with cream and sugar. Let me tell you, I haven't been there for a while, though. While having my brunch, I was watching TV (which was mounted on the ceiling in one distinct corner of the eatery/restaurant) and also reading, in between commercials, a local publication for the military in our area. One of the featured news article, on the front page, caught my attention. A baby was born on the hospital compound (near the garage) or lawn of this military hospital where I used to work for eleven years before I retired from the Service. The parents of the newly-born were both in the military, but different branch of service. The mom is in the Army, the dad in the Navy. I couldn't help but be thankful to God for the safe delivery of the healthy baby, with the assistance of that female Navy OR nurse and other passersby who were ever-ready to assist at that time. I felt good for that whole evolution/process. Thanks to God that it went well for all the people concerned. Kudos and more power to our U.S. Navy for doing an excellent job! I know so well how we're ready and prepared always to serve and to assist and to protect in time of peace or war. You betcha, I'm proud to have been a part of this institution. Teamwork is one of the keys to our success. Getting the job done well, with excellent customer/quality service, is everyone's business. That's one thing that we service/uniformed men and women have in mind, always! I'm just sharing with you my opinion and my experience, to clarify my point here regarding the views I just shared with you, folks.

One thing that made my day today interesting was that I came to meet again an older fellow retiree and an older female friend of his (who works there) in this restaurant. Likewise, while at another store shopping for roasted peanuts on a shell, no salt, (I'm so nuts for peanuts or "goobers"!), I happened to stumble a retired but looking "young at heart" couple who eventually became my acquaintances. How did I come to "know" them? Well, this man's ball cap caught my attention. The cap's university logo is so familiar with me. (My two  kids have studied in this excellent-prestigious public state university.) I did the first move, of course. Then, our conversation followed. We had a good rapport. I was a little bit carried away with my telltale. I don't know why but they seemed to be nice people and I was thankful to God for having met and talked to them.
Anyway, Mrs. K wrote down my name and said that we'd be glad to be FB friends. I said that would be nice, Ma'am. I had to cut short our conversation that was getting lengthy and I told them that I didn't want to take much of their time and that how glad I was to have known them. It was such a pleasant experience, you know, to be talking to strangers, initially, who you feel at ease with one another, even for the first encounter. Thanks to God.

While driving around our first residential area, I parked temporarily along the right side of a not-so-busy street when I saw a familiar figure. It was Grace, one of two children of a friend and fellow retired military hospital staff-personnel. her family and mine were all neighbors for years before we moved to another neighboring city. Anyway, I was glad to see her and talk to her, asking info about her brother and dad, and her mom. She was so happy and gracious to talk to me and to call me "uncle."  I felt so honored, too. Before I proceeded to drive along, I told her, "say Hi to your dad and your brother, for me." She said, "I will, Uncle."

On my way home, I dropped by at a gas station to fill up our van, even though I still have half-full tank. Then, along the way on a busy street, as I was driving home, I passed by a young man smoking while he was in the middle of a bridge looking down at the cars below. I silently prayed to God for him to have an enlightened mind whether he's thinking of something or just merely watching. I told my wife about it when she  gave me a ring on my old, regular (not fancy) cellphone as I got closer to our house. I was praying really hard that everything will be all right for that young man. In my silent prayer, I asked for the intercession of Blessed John Paul and Venerable Fr. McGivney.

Well, my friends, this is all for now and I thank you for your time being with me. Take care. Until next time around! Ciao! Have a good day, everyone!-chris.a.quilpa, 06February2012

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