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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going Chinese

Wish you all a faithful and restful Sunday, everyone! Thanks to God, my wife, our son and I were able and delighted to participate/celebrate in today's Mass with our fellow parishioners at St. Paul's. I thought our pastor, Rev. Fr. David is still out of town (because he announced to the whole congregation last Sunday that he'd be attending the annual retreat for priests) but, lo and behold, he officiated today's Mass. When I talked briefly to Fr. David before Mass, at the sacristy, asking him how did his retreat go he said it went well.

During Mass, my wife and I did our designated job well, I guess so, as Eucharistic Ministers for Holy Communion. She was assigned to do Host A, while I did distribute the Host to members of the church's Choir.

After Mass, we drove our way to the NEX/Commissary and bought groceries, especially ready-to-eat vegetable salad, fruits, bottled water, etc.

No, we didn't go Subway for lunch today, folks. Instead, we three decided to go Chinese. Anyway, it's been a while since the last time we've gone Chinese. We chose the one close to Chesapeake Square Mall. It's like the Empire Buffet Restaurant in Portsmouth. But this one is more spacious and the atmosphere is awesome and/or wholesome. Inside, it's clean, including their restrooms. Plus, they have more food choices or selections, including sushi, seafood, pizza. Man, it's inevitable, I've gained a couple of pounds again! Yes, I admit, I was full (after the feast!) and had a good time with my family, minus our daughter who didn't come home for the weekend, unlike her brother. I know, it's understandable because, unfortunately, she's got classes on Monday, which is President's Day, a federal holiday in the United States! That's why I wrote in my previous blog post that not everyone is having a day off, tomorrow, Monday. Colleges and universities have classes on President's Day! What can I say? Nada. So be it.

Eating out, especially going Chinese, once in a while is not that bad. Actually, a Chinese buffet restaurant, like any buffet restaurant, can be a special hangout for families and friends, and others who are foodies. And eating out is an excuse for not having a home-cooked luncheon/dinner. Truly, it's freedom from daily home cooking, sort of a diversion and a valid reason for being lazy to prepare or cook food at home, at times. Plus, it's an indulgence, sometimes, to eat out, once in a blue moon, they say. We don't have to deprive ourselves to eat out at a fine, decent restaurant, do we? We deserve to treat ourselves with good things in life, like good, scrumptious food. But, of course, it comes with a price, pocket-wise and/or health-wise (it's so tempting to savor everything that's offered or served at the buffet restaurant.) But, that's okay, as long as we can afford it and accept the consequence/s of our indulgence. No ill feeling of guilt, for overeating, once in a while. What else can we do if we have eaten too much, quite the regular or ordinary? We know we got carried away by lots of food we saw. As I've mentioned, it's just one of those days in one's life that we have this kind of experience. It's not that you indulge in binge eating regularly. No. I, myself, don't feel guilty at all. I've eaten more today, unintentionally, and, therefore, I should suffer whatever consequences that may come my way. My mind reminded me, "eat by small portions." I did---tasted this and that, in small portions. But it added up, you know. Yes, I got carried away. I know, we all want to be healthy. Who wouldn't be, anyway?

(FYI: I didn't have breakfast this morning. So, I just had my "brunch" and/or "brunchner"; breakfast-lunch-dinner, all in one. Yeah, just one meal for today, how's that? A sort of pre-Easter/Lenten season practice, huh? Before I forget, just to remind you, friends, what Fr. David's announcement at the conclusion of the Mass today: This Wednesday, February 22nd, is Ash Wednesday. It's the start of Lenten season that involves fasting, abstinence, almsgiving and prayer. I'll be writing a blog post about this topic.)

Well, folks, I've got to park here now. Like you, I have other things to do today. One, I've got to catch up my reading the latest news on our local/regional and community/city newspapers. Two, I've got to write my blog post. Third, I've got to read some blogs, too, you know. And, I've got to relax by either watching PBS and /or visiting Facebook briefly and videos on YouTube, etc. Anyway, thanks for your time with me, friends. Until next time around. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! Take care now.-chris a. quilpa, 19February2012

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