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Monday, February 20, 2012

Consumed in Reading Blogs and Watching Embedded Videos

At first, I thought of not writing my blog post for today. But, in the end, I decided to just scribble some lines before the observance of President's Day is almost over.

For almost the whole day today, I've been engrossed in reading blogs. Actually, I got stuck on one particular "Catholic" blog because I was too curious to learn more about the current happenings in the Catholic Church. I got lucky to have visited two of the links on this blog I've been following for a while. That "consumed" my time because I found myself watching some of the embedded videos uploaded by, especially the ones where the 22 new Roman Catholic cardinals were having audience with the Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI in Rome this weekend. Thanks to Blogger, YouTube and romereports. Watching the video reminded me of that memorable experience when I was there in Rome over two decades ago.

Likewise, I had the opportunity to watch a couple of embedded videos about Fr. Robert "Bob" Barron commenting on different issues like the HHS Contraception Mandate, Conscience and Morality, Character and Relationships, etc. I also watched his video "lecturing" about The Evangelization of Culture to a varied audience in a church in Toronto. He's such an astute academician-evangelist, to me. Kudos and more power, Fr. Barron! Again, thanks YouTube, and  wordonfirevideo for such informative and insightful videos.

This is all for now, friends. Until next time around. Thanks for your time. Good night!-chris a. quilpa, 20February2012.

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