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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Lettermen Singing Filipino Medley Perfectly

Ah, The! It's always a delight and a pleasure listening to this famous singing group of musically-talented trio formed in late 1959. Over the years, this American male pop music vocal trio have had 16 Top 10 singles including one #1, 32 consecutive Billboard Magazine chart albums, 11 gold records, and five Grammy nominations, per Wikipedia. With two of the original vocal trio, Mike Barnett and Dick Stewart who have left the group as years passed, Tony Butala remained the  original lead singer-member. Butala has since led the group. Over the years, he has sung with vocalists such as Jim Pike and Bob Engeman, Gary and Dony Pike, Doug Curran, Ralph "Chad" Nichols, Don Campeau, Ernie Pontiere, Bobby Poynton, Darren Dowler. Butala's colleagues have, since, left him and, thus, been replaced for various reasons. Since 1984, Pennsylvania-born Butala has been singing with Donovan Tea and Mark Preston.They've been considered or dubbed "the best combination of voices and best sounding group since the original trio."

Ah, The Lettermen...just sounds cool, smooth and melodious! They're such an amazing rare talent! Timeless and enduring! Just perfectly harmonious and soothing! They're truly one of my favorites. Such a stress-buster! What a trip down memory lane for us, baby boomers! Life is good, listening to them! Can you believe it? They sang our classic Filipino love songs perfectly, having performed in various parts of the Philippines three-four years years ago! Kudos and more power to them! Thanks, YouTube. Thanks to the video uploader, junday055. And thank you, Mr. Tony Butala and The Lettermen for your passion and determination. I just love your music!-chris a. quilpa, 09February2012

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  1. The Lettermen...I've been mesmerized by this American male pop music vocal trio led by Mr. Tony Butala! They're unbelievably perfect. His other two singing partners are Mark Preston and Donovan Tea. Listening to them belting out those Filipino love songs as Ikaw, Dahil Sa 'Yo (because of You), and Hindi Kita Malimot in their concert performances, I can't help but feel nostalgic...sigh! Their rendition of those songs is perfectly amazing! Their pronunciation of those Filipino words, phrases, sentences, oh so clear! I just love their songs, whether English or Filipino, etc. Their voices blend perfectly! Call this harmony? Soothing and relieving, their voices are! Thank you, Mr. Butala and The Lettermen! God bless!