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Saturday, November 3, 2012

27 and Counting!

Good Saturday, everyone! Here's me sharing with you my unceasing gratitude to our Almighty Father, our good and gracious God, for giving me life and a caring, doting wife Freny whom I've spent my life with for 27 years and counting. Thank you, my dear God, for having blessed us with two lovely children, Andrew and Christine, both college graduates (of UVa) and have been working and trying to make a difference in others' lives. Thank you, Jesus, for being my inspiration and Savior, always there for me, through thick and thin, with my wife. Happy 27th Anniversary, to me and Freny! Please, by all means, join us in our humble celebration by praying for us, and praying for all of our families, you, my dear folks and friends, and our accidental readers, included. Thank you very much.

Yes, Freny and I are thankfully and happily celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary today, Saturday, November 3, out of town, and on the road, with fond memories of our 1985 nuptial way back in the Philippines. With our daugther Tintin with us in one of the best hotels in D-ville where we spent the night last night, we're glad we made it this far. (How we've wished our son Andrew is with us, too. But he's in DC! Anyway, what counts is that he didn't forget us. In fact, he already greeted us when I phoned him yesterday, while we're on the road to D-ville to visit/pick up Tintin for this Sunday's piano playing in a Norfolk church.)

While in the hotel, this morning, Freny and I exchanged hugs and kisses, and gifts for one another. Our daughter, occupying another bed, gave us a hug, too. (Actually before we retired last night, Tintin took us pictures, and even this morning again, when we got dressed for breakfast downstairs, next to the spacious lobby.) I enjoyed all she gave me. I got a ball cap with this inscription: "RETIRED, No clock, No phone, No money?, No worries." Moreover, she gave a gray sweater with diamond prints, cologne and lotion, a well-meaningful My Husband anniversary card, with $100 check. Thank you, dear, loving wife! What presents did I give her? Do you really want to know, my dear folks and friends? No? Yes? Well, I don't mind sharing it with you. She has a matching earrings and necklace, another necklace with a pendant NAVY WIFE in it, and a Happy Anniversary card (with $100 cash), and some chocolate bars, all bought at NEX (Navy Exchange) store. Thank you, God, for all of these presents we both received today from Thy bounty. Likewise, thank you for my faith, family, folks, and friends all over the world.

The first thing I did this morning after waking up was to thank God and Jesus for my life. Then, the three of us prepared for breakfast. I wore the comfy sweater that Freny gave me, and splashed cologne on the upper part of my body.

Downstairs, in one of the hotel's lounges, we had that so-called complimentary continental breakfast, with the rest of hotel guests and visitors. I don't know but we've been very happy and proud to tell our fellow diners that we're having fun, celebrating our 27th Wedding Anniversary today, November 3rd. They all congratulated us, especially those folks, the Harrises from Tennessee. I had a good time talking with them, sharing with them my piece of mind, too. I learned that Mark and his parents have been working for Goodyear Tires for years. His parents are both retired. His Dad has worked for Goodyear for over three decades. Mark, on the other hand, said that he got relocated in D-ville last year. That's why his parents are in the area visiting Mark's family. His wife is not with the, at the breakfast, because, according to his Mom, Mark's wife is helping out there in a free dental check up. Mark's young daughter is with them at breakfast.

After breakfast, I wanted to start writing my blog post but I got a call...I decided to pray the rosary, while in the restroom. Freny and Tintin were in the room, with the TV on CNN. Afterwards, I did start my blog.

Well, my dear folks and friends, I have to sign off now. I may as well continue my blogging downstairs, in one of the lounges where we planned to just hang around, etc. prior to going back on the road and eventually back home to Hampton Roads in the late afternoon/evening. Until then, have a nice day, everyone! Wish you all a wonderful weekend! Take care. As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 03Nov2012

We had a good time at D-ville. We went to a couple of museums there. We did a little shopping; bought souvenir T-shirts at a community market. And, finally, we attended Mass at Sacred Heart Church where the pastor, Reverend Fr. Anthony blessed us, after learning of our 27th anniversary today. Thank you, God, for all your blessings and goodness to us.

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