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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Sans Funfare

Good Saturday, everyone! BTW, how's the weather in your area, my dear folks and friends? Over here in Hampton Roads we have plenty of sunshine! But, it's cold and chilly! I like it, though, for it's that time to wear comfy jackets and sweaters, mittens and gloves. Aha, thinking or imagining of winter weather now, huh?

Just to let you guys know, I'm doing okay, in spite of my chronic lower back that's recurring. Especially with this kind of cold, chilly weather. But, I'm managing it with lots of rest, an optimal physical conditioning---walking around in our wooden deck by our backyard, and medication. Though, I must admit, I'm a little bit down, I'm alright. Thanks to God. And thank you, Jesus.  

Saturday sans funfare, that's right! It's weekend after Thanksgiving Day and, as far as I'm concerned, it's just another day for myself to chill out and loaf---not doing anything but let the time pass by while listening and/or watching (videos on Youtube) to songs of praise and gratitude. But, I did prepare something this morning for the family's breakfast (after praying my rosary along with a video on YouTube while still in our bedroom). We had toasted muffin, egg and bacon with hot cocoa, and a slice of pecan pie for dessert (for me). Good breakfast. Thank you, good and gracious God. 

What else did we do today? My son Andrew went out after our breakfast to meet his friends and former classmates. I heard they're having lunch, or brunch, at an Indian restaurant. My sis-in-law went to her part-time job. My wife Freny drove our daughter Tintin to meet one of her friends somewhere in a mall? Actually the two just left while I'm busy with this blog post. Me? Just in our room, with the TV on to a football game. But a while ago, I was watching PBS, particularly on Rick Steves' Travel in Europe? I did read a couple of Catholic blogs before writing this post. Glad and thankful to know that we have six new cardinals in the Catholic Church, including Manila's Archbishop, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines.

Anyway, Saturday is one of those restive weekends for me, you know. Lazy Saturday, huh? That's right. But, on the other hand, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Sunday's Mass, though. Freny and I are scheduled to take part in the Eucharistic celebration or Holy Communion, as volunteer Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion at St. Paul's. But as of now, I'm just trying to enjoy a simple yet contented life, my dear folks and friends. This present moment is what matters most to me, you know. Therefore, I have to be thankful to our Almighty God that I'm alive and doing fine. I admit, I have good days and bad, like others, I believe. Such is life, my folks and friends. We're never permanently great all the time. Because we're human. As the season and weather change so do we. And we try our best to adapt to life's changes and challenges. 

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!" Thank you.-chris a. quilpa, 24Nov2012

Wanna know what I'm thinking after this post? I'm going to eat that fruit---pomegranate. Yes, sir! I've been wanting to eat one yesterday but I abandoned the idea. But now, I will eat half of one. FYI: A day before Thanksgiving Day, I bought three big fist-size pomegranate for five bucks at Kroger's. I don't know about you but I love that fruit, man! There's that unique feeling each time I nibble this kind of seedy fruit. I remember, I've written an Ilokano poem about pomegranate and I published it in, in 2008? Anyway, pomegranate, anyone?

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