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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Williamsburg's 2012 Experience

Happy Saturday, everyone! (Note: I'm writing my blog post at The Williamsburg Hotel & Conference Center's cozy and elegantly-decorated lobby, while Freny was attending those sessions in the different rooms in the hotel, next to the auditorium. We'll be checking out shortly, since hotel's check out time is twelve noon.)

Today, Saturday, is the third and last day of this VAST(Virginia Association of Science Teachers) 2012 PDI(Professional Development Institute) being held in the historic(al), Colonial Williamsburg, VA. 

Last night's sessions at the hotel's auditorium was amazing and awe-inspiring! Two prominent scientists, Dr. William Kelso and Dr. David Way, did great with their presentations dealing with Exploration Past, Present, and Future. The former spoke about Jamestowne Colony's Exploration while the latter talked about NASA Langley's Curiosity Project (the rover that's already exploring targeted spots in Mars.

After those two presentations, what followed next was fun, fun, fun, lots of it! There was Auction, Music, and Networking at the hotel's auditorium. A group of teachers performed the sensational Gangnam Style! Freny's former co-teacher Venecia was there, too, and again this morning at the breakfast session. 

(I've got to interrupt my blogging, at this time, because some of our Service personnel, who've been housed at the hotel for a couple of days?, are checking out. I talked to one of them a few minutes ago and learned something about their story. I did wish them good luck. Prayed for them, and their safety. May God bless and keep them under your care and protection!)

While still in the hotel's main lobby, I visited Facebook page, clicked Like on a couple of pictures of our California folks, greeted my bro-in-law a Happy Birthday and Happy Veterans' Day (for tomorrow), then sent two messages for our folks/ friends via my Facebook page.

Well, prior to checking out, I thanked a couple of the hotel's employees, especially the ones cleaning the rooms in the fifth floor where we've been staying. Did give them something for their snacks.Then, downstairs, I handed in our room keys to the front desk people like Emma and Carolina before twelve noon. I thanked them, too, for their help and excellent hospitality service. Now, at this time , I'm still in the lobby waiting for Freny. Venecia and I had just had a lively chat when she passed by. In fact, I also asked her a favor by taking a picture of me and Tracy, one of the hotel employees who, I just learned today, also retired from the military. Not in the US Navy but in the US Army.

About our stay in the hotel? Great! I had fun, so far and have had a good time. I have all praises for the hotel staff-personnel who have been very helpful and accommodating. Food was excellent. I had a good time last night. Food was excellent at Harvest Grille/Williamsburg Cafe. Enjoyed our stay at The Williamsburg Hotel & Coneference Center. Like that hotel in D-ville, hotel (cost) accommodation was reasonable. Not bad at all, considering the discount we've got. I've got nothing to complain. Overall, I'm satisfied at our hotel experience.

This is all for now, my dear folks and friends. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 10Nov2012  

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