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Sunday, November 11, 2012

To Our Fallen Heroes on Veterans' Day

On Veterans' Day

Physically, you're gone
But not forgotten

Like the rest of us
You had dreams
Lofty goals and ambitions
And clear visions of a better life-world.

You served and volunteered
To protect and to defend us
Our freedom and our liberty
Our nation and the Constitution
With hope and honor
Pride and power
Valor and vigilance
Without fear and reservation.

Yes, you endured the pain
The sun, the wind, the snow, the rain
You enjoyed the game
Of life, of love, of fame.

You endured the agony
Of a war-torn country
You suffered tremendously
To the end...

You left us everything
But images and memories
Dusty ribbons and uniforms
Faded jeans and shirts
Letters and photographs
To cherish and treasure.

Gone you are now
But not forgotten
You, our fallen heroes
Of war and peace
Our inspiration in life
Today, yesterday,and tomorrow!

(c) 2012 by chris a. quilpa

(P.S. The videos embedded in this blog post are not mine. They're from YouTube. Hence, no copyright infringement intended. I thank YouTube and the uploaders of the above videos.)

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