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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Birds are Like Some of Us Free

At this moment, I see small birds in the school playground and also in my backyard. God bless them. They have the right to exist and to be free in the open. They're so calm and peaceful. They must be very cold. But, God, I believe, take good care of them and their needs.

We, humans, are not like all the birds. Some of us are not free. Some of us are deprived of the freedom that the birds have. How pitiful, the rest of us are! Why is the world so unfair? Why do some of us take advantage of others, our brothers and sisters who also wish to be free to live and dream a better life, and enjoy life to the fullest? Why do some of us take others for granted, yet they're humans like us, too? Why do some of us believe that we're better than others yet we're the same having life, breathing the same air, living in the same old world that's been transformed by technology and wars and violence?

Now, the birds are gone, out of my sight! They're nowhere in the school playground and in my backyard! They're somewhere...Lucky and fortunate those who see them. God bless them and the people who see them!

There are some, if not many, of us who are like the birds. They come and go..."Like friends, they come and go...And as they go they leave us/ memories to remind us..."(from my poem Like Waves). They soar high and travel miles and miles away from us. They seek new frontier, new places where they haven't been to. Like the rest of us, they seek and find new places of interests...They, like some of us, stick together, seek company of the same looks and outlook. They, like some of us, are playful, colorful, beautiful. They, like all of us, have gifts to give, to share...

These are my thoughts at this present moment, observing the world from my window. Outside, it's calm and peaceful. It's quiet, without sunshine. Though there are trees with leaves intact, there are trees that stand still and seem lifeless, leafless. I thank God for the serenity and simplicity of my life. Thank you, Jesus. You dwelt among us and let Peace reign in our hearts. I pray that the peace we hold and cherish so dearly will stick with us as we live our lives with Faith. May God bless us all always!-chris a. quilpa, 29Dec2012

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