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Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Musings during (Second Week of) Advent

Good Monday, everyone! How are you guys doing today? Hope you did have a wonderful weekend. I did. Thank you, gracious God! And thank you, Jesus!

This is the second week of Advent. That means we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for His arrival, our Brother Jesus. Welcoming Him into our hearts and homes is what we've been trying to do since we're all caught up in our day to day business of living life and making life worth-living. As a believer, He is an inspiration in my life. (He gives me hope when I'm down. He lets me see things to test my resiliency and my vulnerability. He inspires me to be good and to do good, not only for my self but also for others.)

So how do we prepare for His coming into our midst, into our life? What do we do to let Him in to our hearts and minds? Let us count the ways...Praying? Praying, praising and giving thanks to God, our Almighty Father for our wonderful life? Asking forgiveness and be sorry for what we've said and done that may have caused or inflicted pain and suffering to others? Attending and participating in church services? Confessing our sins to our pastor? Reading Bible passages and scriptures, articles and books and reflecting or meditating what we've read? Cleaning and decorating our houses? Doing household chores, i.e. cooking, doing laundry, etc.? Volunteering? Donating money, or in kind, to our favorite charitable organization? Et cetera, et cetera...

On the other hand, now, let's see what we did this weekend. Saturday, as usual, I prayed the holy rosary while still in bed. I had a cup of oatmeal with milk for breakfast. Thanks to my loving wife Freny. Then, Freny and I went to a store and bought some goodies, munchies, using her discount coupon. Back home, we had dinner. Then, I read a couple of my favorite Catholic blogs and did research and write something about Hanukkah. Then, watched some of my soaps and videos on YouTube. Thanks YouTube.

Yesterday, Rose, Freny and I attended Sunday Mass at our parish, St. Paul's. Our parochial vicar, Rev. Fr. Chris was our celebrant and homilist. BTW, while in the church awaiting for the Mass to start, Freny and I had the opportunity to meet and talk to a lovely couple Dana and Dave who has a young daughter serving as one of the altar servers. They were sitting in a pew next to us. I came to find out later that Dave isn't a Catholic, yet he's been attending Mass with his family for years? I also learned that their daughter goes to the same Catholic school where our kids went and graduated. Likewise, I learned that Dave was also retired from the US Navy, like myself. See, God works in ways that we come to meet and get to know people of faith or who share common family values, like the importance of a good education for our children. After the Mass, Freny and I thanked Dave and Dana for having met and known them. Then, outside, in front of the church building, I shook hands with our parochial vicar and said, "have a nice day, Father!" Following that, we had a little chat with our friends and fellow parishioners, the Rileys. Afterwards, the three of us went to NEX/Commissary where we had lunch at Subway and did a little shopping there. (I bought some bottles of wine at the package store, after getting gas for our mid-size car.) Then, drove back home...Rose went to her part-time job. Watched a couple of movies while Freny was preparing her stuff for school. Had dinner with that half of my foot-long Subway sandwich I had during lunch at NEX. Continued watching a movie that I started later. Then, went upstairs to bed.

This morning, I prayed my rosary along with a video on YouTube, meditating on the Joyful Mysteries. That is, while I was in the rest room, doing daily routine. You guys know what I mean. Anyway, Mother Mary, pray for us! Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, good and gracious God!

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around, my dear folks and friends. Take care and have a nice day, everyone! May God bless us all always!-chris a. quilpa, 10Dec2012

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