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Monday, December 31, 2012

On the Final Day of 2012, aka New Year's Eve

Good Monday, everyone! Happy New Year's Eve and Day! Counting the moments to bid adieu to 2012 and welcome a new year 2013! Thank you, good and gracious God! Thank you, Lord, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, my Inspiration in life!

On this final day of 2012, aka New Year's Eve...

# I have just prayed the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, our Heavenly Mother, meditating on the Joyful Mysteries which  remind us of the happy times that Jesus and Mary shared together. Here are the Joyful Mysteries which are said on Mondays and Saturdays (except during Lent), and the Sunday from Advent to Lent:
1) The Annunciation of an Angel---Because Mary was a very special person, God sent an angel to ask her to be the Mother of Jesus. She said, "Yes," even though she was a little bit afraid. the angel told her to name the baby Jesus.
2) The Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth---Mary was told by the angel that her cousin, Elizabeth, was to have a baby, too. Elizabeth became the mother of John the Baptist, who preached about the coming of Jesus.
3) The Nativity or the Birth of Jesus---Jesus was born in a stable/manger in the city of Bethlehem. when He was born, Mary and her husband, Joseph, foster father of Jesus, were very happy and promised to take care of Him.
4) The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple---After He was born, Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem. At the Temple, they presented Jesus to God and thanked God for giving them a Son to love and cherish.
5) The Finding of Jesus in the Temple---When He was a little older, Jesus went to a service at the Temple with Mary and Joseph. After the service, He stayed to talk to the teachers. Mary and Joseph thought He was lost, and were very glad to find Him there.

#I have just finished my 30-minute walk outside, by our deck in our backyard, trying to clear up my lungs and filled them with fresh, clean crispy air! What a blessed, lovely, peaceful day! Thank God and Jesus! Thank you, Holy Spirit!

#With my camera, I did take photos, too, of my cold, calm and a little chilly but bright surroundings, while in my backyard walking, enjoying the beauty and serenity of Monday morning--the wooden deck and the grass thinly covered with frost, leafless fruit trees around my yard, and the round full moon still up there in the blue sky, and some Canadian geese flying over my house and landed on the elementary school playground.

#I continue to breathe and to try to live life simply, with Faith, unless something happens to me, unexpectedly, that would end or terminate my existence on Earth.

#I continue to pray and worship and give thanks to our Almighty God the Father, Creator of the Universe. I continue to praise Jesus our Lord and Savior and my inspiration and salvation.

#I sit back, watch, observe, listen, meditate, relax and savor and try to enjoy the moment as much as I can with my family and friends around.

#I try to feel and think and look good, and to manage my chronic bodily pain (and other physical disabilities) by other means other than relying much on medication (which I don't like as much as possible).

#Carpe diem with my Faith! Life, I know, is short and fleeting. I try to remember the good happy days more, and live the present moment well, without regret and reservation.

#I thank God and Jesus for being alive and good, having lived my life so far, with my Faith, family, folks, and friends everywhere around the world.

#I am still chris a. quilpa (aka fernando), a sinner who wishes to be a saint someday, and I pray, "May God bless us all always! To all of us, Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year 2013!

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