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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas Thoughts and Prayer

"Joy to the world the Lord has come, let Earth rejoice her King, let every heart prepare Him room, and heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing, and heaven and heaven and nature sing!"

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you, Almighty God! I love and thank you, Jesus! Now and forever. Amen.

Here's my Christmas Thoughts and Prayer: This Christmas Day, I am grateful to be alive and well with the rest of humanity. I am thankful that Jesus is among us all to give us hope and life again! I am filled with gladness and at peace with myself and others.My belief in the love and goodness of the Lord to all of us, people of goodwill, is overwhelming and everlasting. I intend to continue learning and re-learning about my faith and others' so I become more tolerant and respectful, and understanding of the nature of humanity. I aspire to continue to do good and to be good to everyone I encounter and come in contact with. I try to continue praying for my salvation and for others and the rest of the world. I would try to pray constantly for peace and unity of all humanity.

Today, I pray as I remember the unborn babies because of abortion,babies who would have been and would be beautiful and innocent children of God. Today, on Christmas Day, I pray and remember those innocent children, victims of that Connecticut school shooting massacre and I imagine they're now in heaven with our Almighty God the Father. God, bless and comfort the families of the victims, and also those volunteers, and Rev. Fr. Luke and Msgr. Weiss, and all who were affected by the said tragedy. I also think and pray for other innocent, and abandoned, children around the world.

Today, I remember and pray for and thank all the people who have helped shape my life, people who cared for and have loved me, and influenced me to do good and be good for others.

Likewise, this Christmas Day, I pray for our troops, especially those who were deployed overseas, like Jason and his group. I pray for their families and friends who were left behind, too. Also, I pray for those who were unemployed that they will one day gainfully find work. Lastly, I pray for our church and government leaders worldwide, especially to our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI and our pastors like Rev. Fathers David, Chris, Anton, Gody, Steve, Michael, and our seminarians, and our missionaries throughout the world. May God bless them all!

From my family to yours, we wish you A Joyful, Hopeful and Peaceful Christmas! Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Mother Mary! Thank you, good and gracious God, our Almighty Father!

Well, I've got to sign off now because we're going to attend Mass on this Christmas Day. Don't worry, I'll pray for you all, my dear folks and friends. Hope you do the same for me and my family. Thank you.

Until next time around. Take care and Have a Happy Christmas, everyone. Happy Holidays! May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 25December2012

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