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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Post from D-ville

Good Saturday, everyone! I wonder if others out there miss my blog posts for I haven't had blog posts for the past three days? Well, I'm okay, doing well actually. Thank you, dear and loving God. And thank you, Jesus!

Yes, my dear folks and friends, we're out of town since yesterday, and spent the night at our favorite "da Best in the West" hotel in D-ville. Got it? I personally don't want to go to other hotels in D-ville, except at "da Best in the West." I love it here, matter-of-factly. We've been here before and if you guys happen to visit D-ville in Virginia, da Best is the place to stay comfortably. Excellent, clean and spacious rooms, excellent food (free continental breakfast, with free daily newspaper, courtesy of the hotel), excellent staff-personnel and excellent service! Their free breakfast (served between 6 am to 10 am) is absolutely great! Free tea and hot chocolate 24/7, by the lobby. The price to stay per night is reasonable, under $100. You can't beat that. Just for their free breakfast you'll be contented and, I believe, this is what people like me keep on coming back to this hotel. (Please don't misconstrue me if you think I'm promoting or advertising the hotel. No. I'm just sharing with you my "boarding and lodging" experience, away from home.) Check it out yourself and you'll thank me afterwards. "Yeah, Chris, was right!" you'll remark.

Just to let you know, I just had my breakfast downstairs in one of the lounges of the hotel. Now, as I got out of the elevator, going to our room on the second floor, guess who I met? My wife Freny and our daughter Tintin. They're going downstairs to have breakfast, too.

Here, in our hotel room, I'm writing this blog post of mine while the two are having breakfast.

First things first. This morning, as soon as I woke up, I grabbed my laptop and my rosary, and used the rest room while Freny was still in bed but already awoke; Tintin still asleep in her bed. So, while doing my daily routine in the rest room, I listened and prayed along the rosary using one of the videos on YouTube. BTW, thanks, YouTube, and the uploader of the video (I believe, he's a priest or a lay Catholic person very much devoted to our Blessed Virgin Mary.) Since it's Saturday today, I meditated on the Joyful Mysteries which are prayed on Mondays and Saturdays, fyi. (The Joyful Mysteries are 1. The Annunciation 2. The Visitation of the BVM 3. The Nativity or Birth of Jesus 4. Presentation Jesus in the Temple 5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple.) While my blog post is in progress, I'm listening to Catholic Church songs/hymns playlist on YouTube, of course. I'm so inspired. Thank you , gracious God! Thank you, Jesus!.

Afterwards, I took a quick shower and prepared myself for today's happenings. Had breakfast downstairs, with sausage and eggs with bacon, one piece of bagel, a cup of orange juice, and waffle! (You make your own, it's easy. Just pour one small cup of that prepared liquid mixture on the hot waffle maker. Rotate it 180 degrees and in a few minutes, there's your waffle!) Yummy! I'm full! Thanks to God!

Previous day activities of mine? Well, I did prepare and mail our bills, paid our property taxes in the city's office of the revenue/treasurer, for four vehicles (all Toyotas, BTW. That means we're a Toyota family, eh? Dunno about that but we love the cars.) And, I also went to pay that semi-annual storm water bill, in a neighboring city where we have that rental house (since 2001, and managed by a realty company). I dropped by at the library and read the local newspaper. And, of  course, I did prepare for our dinner in those early or late afternoons, and watch my fave international soaps, again on YouTube. Ah, life is good. I can't complain. As I've posted in my Tuesday's post, I have "to live life and enjoy it as much as I can with all its perks and problems." With my faith, family, folks, and friends, I am so thankful to be alive and well. Thank you, God, for all your goodness and blessings!

On Thursday, 29Nov2012, I drove to the Car Dealership and Service Station for that regular maintenance/oil change on one of our cars. There I came to know a FilAm family for the first time and found out later that they live in the same subdivision as we do, only in the other end of the cul de sac. The service station's assistant manager Kevin interrupted my conversation with the family when he came to me, telling me about a couple of things recommended to be done for my car. I told him that I have to discuss it with my wife. He then printed out a copy of that list of recommended things to be done, not necessarily at that time. I thanked him for accommodating me, even if I didn't make an appointment. Just plain walk in at the service station. I guess, I'm familiar with some folks there at the office.

Yesterday, I went to one of the world's largest chain retail stores and bought some Christmas gift stuff for a kid (size 14-16) for the Giving Tree Outreach project in our parish, St. Paul's. I could imagine, he'll be happy this Christmas 2012 when he opens his gift from me and my family. God bless this boy and his family!

Well, what's for the rest of today, the first of December, at D-ville? We're planning to go around the city and at a Community Market, prior to leaving D-ville for home this late afternoon, probably. Anyway, I've got to sign off now, my dear folks and friends.

This is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonder-FALL weekend, everyone! Just a reminder to us all, tomorrow, Sunday, starts the Advent season. (I'll talk about it next time.) As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!" Peace be with you all!-chris a. quilpa, 01Dec2012.

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