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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Food and Movies

Good day, Tuesday, everyone! How's the weather in your area? Here in Hampton Roads, it's cold and chilly! Temp has changed drastically, from mid to upper 60s to mid to upper 40s! Well, what I can say but to welcome the cold season, as expected. For all we know, winter is just around the corner. And, the Son of Man and of God will dwell among us soon! The question is: are we ready to welcome Him with open arms and a loving heart? I know, and I'm sure, we're all working on it as we prepare the way for His coming into our lives once again!

Now, let's move on to my main topic for today: food and movies and their influence on me, personally. For those of you following my blog posts, recall what I've posted a couple of days ago last week? I talked about Movies but didn't mention  what movies I've watched lately. Well, I'll mention one: Food Matters, a documentary film that is slowly but surely impacting what type of food I take in to improve my health and well-being. Yes, I'm beginning to pay close attention to what food I eat because I realized how important nutrition plays in our diet. I know, it's never too late to make a change in the way we take control of ourselves with regards to healthy living. As the adage states, "health is wealth." Yes, food matters in our life. The right kind of food we eat can make a huge difference in improving our health and life.

Yesterday afternoon, inspired I was to eat good, healthy, nutritious food, I went to a grocery chain store and bought fresh vegetables and fruits, with the exception of a baked chicken. Yes, fruits and vegetables were on my mind while at the store. I'm glad that I also have pomegranate and avocados on my shopping cart. As soon as I arrived home, I made homemade guacamole dip for our tortilla chips. What a healthy feeling when you've just tasted the meal that you've prepared! Add to that a small glass of red wine to wash down the homemade dish you've prepared for dinner!

Today, I did my routine or daily habit---praying the rosary while in bed. (At times I pray the rosary while using the restroom in our room.) Then, I had my breakfast of  a piece of fruit (a banana) with a cup of milk and a slice of bread and aeat  guess what I prepared for our dinner, my dear folks and friends? Chunky vegetable-rice and chicken and sausage soup (or casserole?) for a cold weather like today. Since we have left-over steamed rice and baked chicken, and Italian sausage yesterday, I just mixed all of the above-mentioned ingredients with vegetables like green beans, chopped celery, white onion, green bell pepper, two pieces of sweet potatoes cut into cubes, and carrots. I used one 32 oz. of Swanson's 100% Natural Chicken Broth, with two cups of water with it. To add flavor and taste, I added a tablespoon of oyster sauce. In about 20-30 minutes cooking time, there you have it---my hot chunky vegetable-rice-chicken and sausage casserole! It's plainly my simple but nutritious recipe, a modified version of that arroz caldo (because of the vegetables I added to it) we're familiar with way back in the Philippines. So yummy! Bon apetit!

Believe me when I say that I have had the opportunity (or luxury) to also watch movies on my laptop while preparing for and cooking our dinner? Yes sir! I did watch two films from the time I was cooking to eating my dinner. As always, I eat after having cooked even a simple, easy-to-prepare dish. To complete my meal, I always try to have a cup of hot green tea and an Italian biscotti or a small slice of cake or marzipan from Germany. Thank God for globalization or global marketing!

Well, this is it for now, my dear folks and friends. Until next time around. Take care and have a good day, everyone! As usual, I pray, "May God bless us all always!" And, thanks for reading.-chris a. quilpa, 11Dec2012

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