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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa's Story (After 12/14/12 Connecticut School Shooting)

Santa is sad.
His heart is broken.
He is disappointed.
His gifts will be there...
But where are the children
To receive His gifts?
Where have they gone
And their dreams and wishes?
He was unsure of their gift lists.
But He knew what they wanted.

Santa is devastated.
He can't contain His grief and sorrow.
He keeps on crying and weeping.
But He saw the Light in the Sky
And He was relieved.

He thought of other children
Who are waiting for Him.
He went around the world
And continued receiving gift lists.

Santa composed Himself.
He heard other children's stories.
He was saddened but at the same time amused.
He assured the little ones
That if they continued to be good
They'll receive their gifts
On Christmas Day.

Santa is hopeful
That the days ahead will be wonderful.
He is optimistic
That when His gifts are delivered
There will be smiles and tears...
Tears of redemption.

-chris a. quilpa

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