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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Pictorial Outdoor Stroll on Holy Thursday

Hi, everyone! A peaceful, Holy Thursday to you all! Happy Easter, too!
This beautiful, sunny (but cool) Thursday morning, I strolled around the neighborhood, despite my stiff joints and chronic lower back pain, and with a little sore throat. (I don't know but I've had this thing since last night. And I felt nauseated, too. I don't know if it's about allergy or something else.) Anyway, what I did this morning was just a simple stretching and physical conditioning, besides breathing cool, fresh air outdoor. It's been a while that I haven't walked around because of a couple of reasons, notwithstanding the unpredictable weather. But today is just perfect time/day for me to be out there under the sun, not hot but warm. Plus the blue sky is clear but with scattered spots of white clouds (cumulus?).
As I've said, I did roam around the neighborhood, curious, like a child, of what's out there. I took a couple of pictures along the, trees with sprouting young, green leaves, Canadian geese in a pond/lake, birds, landscaped road, an elementary school, school buses...(as you see in the embedded photos down below.) Noticeably, there's not that many walkers/strollers this morning, though. I saw a white middle-aged man in spandex, jogging and passing by me. I met three white women, probably in their fifties. I greeted them, "good morning, ladies!" And they responded the same, "good morning," as they continued their stroll. As I kept on walking, I came across another white man jogging, in shorts? (See the photo/s below.)
While walking I was also humming church/worship songs. Man, this right teary eye kept interrupting my walk! And, once in a  while, I have this runny nose, kept spitting out phlegm from my sore throat! I hate it! After twenty minutes of walking, I guess, I could feel my left hip getting sore. That's when I slowed down my pace. I tell you this reality; it's inevitable...whether we like it or not, we're getting old! Matured and worn out, too? Well, before noon, I was back home...tired, sore, but relieved, though.

Here at home now, in our kitchen, while drinking water, and preparing something for my "brunch," I've thought of composing this blog post. With my laptop, here I am now, having half-way through this post and about to wrap it up.

Btw, what's for dinner? Possibly rice and fish, and vegetables, and a piece of banana or a pear or an apple, maybe? But no red wine, for me, this time. As we all know, it's Holy Thursday today, for the faithful Christians. We'll be going to church tonight for the worship service. There's a possibility that it may rain tonight? Whatever, we're set to attend the church service at our parish because Freny and I did volunteer to be greeters tonight, aside from being regular Extraordinary Ministers for Holy Communion (EMHC).
Hope you enjoyed the photos I shared (them) with you. Well, this is all for now, my dear folks and friends. Until next time around. Thank you for your time with me. Take care and have a peaceful and holy Thursday, everyone! Again, Happy Easter, too! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa

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