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Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Another Good Friday Today

Ah, Friday, what can I say? TGIF! Thank God, It's Friday! Thank you, Lord, for we're alive and good.

Btw, how are you doing, my dear folks and friends? How's the weather in your region? Looking forward to a milder temperature, and Spring? I'm sure you all are because I am. Yes, sir/ma'am. I'm ready to welcome springtime! I can't wait for the buds, the sprouting fresh green leaves of trees to appear, flowers to bloom and/or blossom again, and plenty of sunshine all around. What a feeling of relief from cold spell when springtime is here! On the other hand, as we go on with our journey during Lent, we're getting closer to a meaningful Easter season, one that is characterized by deepening and renewal of our faith through prayer, abstinence/fasting, and alms-giving, and attending/participating in the church worship services.

Now, story time. As soon as I got dressed and ready to go out, I saw how bright and beautiful outside, looking out the window in our kitchen. But a little cloudy and cold, and breezy, when I opened the door to our deck/backyard! Anyway, I went back upstairs and took my camera. Back downstairs, with my camera on hand, I snapped some photos of my backyard and the surroundings outside. Thank God for today, just another good Friday.

After my so-called photo session, I left the house after ten to pick up some med refills in the Pharmacy Clinic. Man, it's cold and chilly outside, even if it's sunny! Arriving at my destination, after fifteen-twenty minutes driving our van, I sat in one of the vacant chairs in the patient waiting area, like everybody else, waiting for my number to be called then be served. Finally when my number was called I walked my way to the available window and gave my number stub and showed my military ID to a young male staff in military uniform. After a couple of minutes, there I have them with me my meds. From there, I drove to the Commissary and bought some grocery items, i.e., organic 2% milkfat, orange juice, vegetables and fruits and sausages, and Milano cookies. I also purchased some grooming items like disposable razors, one Bick 8-pack triple blade razors/shavers and one Gillette 12 pack with double-blade razors. Man, they're getting costly, you know! Well, that's what it is, folks and friends...prices of commodities, things go up; let's accept the fact. Yes, everything goes up, except your briefs/boxers/undies or pants, as they say. Hahaha...Just LOL! That's all that we can do if we want to shave off our beard and /or mustache.

From the Commissary, I drove to the gas station and filled up our van's gas tank. Price of gas, premium, per gallon there is $3.43. It's not bad, compared to previous week's gas price which was twenty-five cents more per gallon. It seems that we can't do away without oil, huh?

No, I didn't plan to eat "brunch" there at the Scott Annex Center. It's Friday, today, I know. I've got to fast, you know. Actually before I left the house, I munched a handful of cereals with milk. I did prepare something (sliced pieces of pear) to nibble, though, on my way to pick up my med refills. But I didn't eat it, till I got back home.

Unloading all my groceries, and putting them where they should be at home, I felt tired and sore. But I'm good, nevertheless. I managed to just sit back and relax. Then, I ate my late lunch (leftover baked fish with steamed rice and vegetable salad, with a glass of orange juice). For dinner, I have to figure out. I'm trying to abstain/fast today. That's the plan.

Finally, here I am composing this blog post. It's sign off time, I guess. But before I do that, let's remind ourselves, people living in the US of A, and some parts of Canada, and Europe (?) to spring forward our clock or time piece one hour before midnight of Saturday, that Daylight Saving Time thing that we usually observe each time we're into springtime. Don't forget it otherwise you'll be late for work (for those scheduled to work on Sunday) or for Sunday church worship services. That's all.

So, I'd say, this is all for now, folks and friends. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 08 March 2013

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