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Friday, March 29, 2013

Strolling Around the Neighborhood with Tintin on Good Friday

Good Friday, everyone! Happy Easter, too!

Guess whom we saw as soon as we're home from the church service last night? Tintin. Thank God, she's back home from D-ville for the Spring Break. But, of course, we're glad and thankful she arrived home safely after two and a half to three hours drive from where she works and lives since September last year. Fyi, she's employed by her alma mater, UVA (University of Virginia, Class of 2013), as a college adviser in one of the high schools in D-ville. If everything goes well, she may still be there for another year, as far as Freny and I know.

As far as our son Andrew is concerned (also a UVA alumnus, Class of 2010), he's still working in The Capital but residing in The Land of Mary. This is his second year there, connected with the AmeriCorps,  teaching computer skills to the underserved population. Besides his regular job, I learned that he has also a part-time work or gigs on Monday evenings and on Saturdays? Well, anything that helps in paying his bills, you know. Last night, he indicated he's coming home for the Easter weekend. He might be arriving this late afternoon. That's great. But, of course, we both miss our kids. But they have to do what they have to do since they're living their life now. At least, we've got the opportunity to be all together again this Easter. (Freny and I did visit him last month? I believe it was later part of February.)

This morning, as soon as I did my routine, Tintin and I were out, taking a walk around the neighborhood. I brought with me my camera to capture what's out there. See for yourself what we saw, witnessed, and encountered, with the embedded photos, courtesy of yours truly. Hope you liked and enjoyed them. Thank you.

                                          Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa
Well, this is all for now. I need to blow my runny nose, guys. I'm wondering if this is seasonal allergy or something else because I've been having sore throat for a couple of days. Until next time around. Take care and have a blessed Good Friday. Again, Happy Easter, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 29 Mar 2013

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