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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yesterday's Gone and Today's Holy Wednesday

Hi, everyone! Good, Holy Wednesday  to you all! Happy Easter, too!

Where was I and what did I do yesterday, and today? My dear folks and friends, lend me your ears...

Yesterday, I visited the hospital that I used to work at, then eventually retired. The reason: I had a scheduled appointment at the Internal Medicine. (Btw, I made the appointment first week of March, right after I saw my rheumatologist.) First, a young male naval hospital corpsman took my vital signs and then after Q & A, he and his fellow male shipmate did EKG for me, per the doctor's order. I knew already then that one of the corpsmen was trying to help or show the other the way to do the EKG. Fyi, these corpsmen seem to be young blood and haven't much experience in the field of patient care. Out of curiosity, I did a little inquiry as to where they had their Hospital Corspman School and their practicum. I learned that one of them went to San Antonio, Texas, while the other in Great Lakes, IL.

After that electrocardiogram, I was told to put back shirt on and then followed HN Mario to the other room, where a female naval doctor/medical officer, her rank is a lieutenant, was already ready to see me. That was my first time to see her in that clinic or department. Actually, it's been a while that I haven't been seen in that clinic/department. Six months ago, maybe. Anyway, the doctor started asking questions about what brought me to the hospital, medications I'm currently taking, the same Q & A thing, you know. I told her about what I've been feeling or experiencing for the past days, and chronic medical conditions I have, etc. She looked like a good listener. She reviewed my past lab studies. With her stethoscope, she examined my chest, listened to my heart beating as she instructed me to take in a deep breath, etc. In about twenty-thirty minutes after, I was done with her. But first she asked me where I wanted to pick up my meds or refills. Then she told me to to drop by at the lab for my yearly blood cholesterol test. I shook her hands as I said, "Thank you, Doc!"

Down the first floor, at the Lab Clinic, it was full load! I couldn't believe it! Many patients, seated quietly, on the crowded lab lounge or waiting area, have been waiting (endlessly) for their blood to be drawn or to give their urine specimen, etc. I could see frustration in others' faces. Patience, that's all we have had to do, especially this time of holy week. I just let my eyes do the observation, my lips sealed, and once in a while watched the news on that flat TV mounted on the wall. Then, my number was called.

After my lab work, I decided to eat at the galley since it's past twelve noon. What did I have? Beef stew with pasta, boiled carrots, and sweet potatoes, and a glass of chocolate-milk combo, and a glass of water. I had a golden apple and two pieces of chocolate cookies, too. But I brought them home. Man, I was full!

From the hospital, I drove my way to the Scott Annex Center where I picked up my meds or refills at the pharmacy clinic there, and did my grocery at the Commissary, and filled up my gas tank at the NEX gas station there.

So tired I was when I arrived home yesterday! Had to lie down in bed after unloading my grocery. What a long day it was for me! And tiresome, too. But I made it through the day. Thank God.

Today, I just chilled out, enjoyed the day, watched movies, visited Facebook for a couple of minutes. But I prepared something for our dinner---broccoli and celery and onion, stir fried, with slices of sausages (with cheddar cheese), and steamed rice. (As usual, after cooking, I ate my early dinner.) And, here I am about to sign off or wrap up my blog post. Thank God, we're alive and well.

Well, my dear folks and friends, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a blessed day, everyone! May God bless us all..Always!-chris a. quilpa, 27 Mar 2013

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