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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Pre-Mother's Day Date with Mama (w/ Photos)

Good day, everyone! Thank God, we're alive and well!

I don't know about your area, folks and friends, but here in Hampton Roads today, Saturday, it's another warm and sunny day, just like yesterday. It seems to me that summer is apparent, even if it's still springtime in North America. Not that I don't want to welcome summer earlier than expected but, come on, I would like to enjoy with gusto the beauty and the bright colors and sweet smell that Spring has to offer us. Can Summer wait in her arrival soon? I'm  not ready to turn off my thermostat unit that's in idle mode and, thus, switch on to our centralized AC at home yet. I'm still wishing for a mild weather. What I mean is that it's neither too cold or too hot the environment is. Mild weather, in the mid to upper 60s, is just the best for me.
Anyway, enough about our weather...

This morning, just after ten, with no breakfast yet, my wife Freny and I went out for a drive with the thought of having breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes). But as time passed by, we ended up in Va Beach, not a beach but a city, where we had "early" lunch at a FilAm restaurant. (Please see photos below. Thank you.) We each had a plate of "pancit palabok," instead of rice, with "lechon," or roasted pork, and a small bowl of beef and vegetable stew. For dessert, we had each "toron," or fried roll with sweet bananas inside, and we also bought each a small plate of "biko," or sweet glutinous rice with sugar and coconut milk, and "maha blanca" (sweet rice, sweet corn, jackfruit, tapioca, coconut milk and sugar). Since we had left-over food from our lunch, we decided to take them home for dinner. Btw, I was kind of touched or taken by the framed paintings or artwork at the restaurant that i took the opportunity to photograph them. (See the pictures below. Thank you.)

From Virginia Beach, we drove our way to Portsmouth NNSY. (Freny is the driver, as usual.) At NEX (Navy Exchange) building, which is a couple of blocks away from the new Commissary building, I bought Freny a set of jewelry. While still at NEX, my phone rang. It was my older sister  Betty, thanking us for her Mother's Day gift that she just received today. So happy to hear from her again! I did mention her that I also sent something for our other sister and our Aunt Emi. I presumed they've received theirs today, too, prior to tomorrow's Mother's Day celebration. Well, I felt joy and satisfaction knowing that my sisters and other relatives in the west coast are doing well.

Then, after shopping at NEX, Freny and I drove to the new Commissary building for Freny to see and to buy whatever grocery items she wishes to buy. (I was there at the grand opening yesterday, and bought some groceries.) We had a cart of 4 more cases of Dasani bottled water, four cans of tomato pasta sauce, a box of spaghetti, two cans of Planter's cocktail peanuts (salted and unsalted), lemon cake, etc.

It was almost four o'clock in the afternoon when we arrived home...tired and kind of sweaty from the warm environment outside. Whew, it's undeniably summer-like the weather is today! Immediately, I went upstairs to change my clothes...from long khaki pants to plain shorts and just a plain white T-shirt!

Dinnertime followed. We ate our left-over food from that FilAm eatery in Va Beach. For our dessert, we had left-over rice cakes, too, with iced green tea. That's it for today, my dear folks and friends....

Before I sign off, I'd like to ask you this: how did you spend your Saturday, a day before Mother's Day? Was it a lazy Saturday? Or a well-spent, enjoyable one like we just had today? Anyway, take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Until next time around. Before I forget, wishing all the mothers around the world A Happy Mother's Day! Thank you all for your love and care, and all your sacrifices. May God bless you all! To my caring, loving wife, Freny, I thank you and love you always and forever! Thank you for being the good/best mother that you are to Andrew and Tintin, our two awesome/amazing children. Again, thank you for what you do and have done to our family!

Thank you, Mother Mary! Mother Mary, pray for us, sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 11 May 2013

                                          Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

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