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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three Days' Journal (with Photos of Flowers and Plants)

Good day, everyone! Thank you, God, that we're alive and well!

OMG, what a summer-like weather we have over Hampton Roads! So plenty of sunshine! So bright and warm! (Have I told you, guys, that I have already turned our A/C on since Sunday, Mother's Day? I just need that uniform, centralized coolness in the house. Thank God.)

The power of recollection and looking back is one indication that we're alive and yet living in the present moment. So, let me see what has happened to/in my life, with family and friends, for the past days. Hence, my three day journal...

Monday, May 13th. Did my morning routine---gave thanks to our Almighty, Heavenly Father, prayed the rosary with the rest of other people on line, used the rest room, ate my breakfast cereal with organic, fat-free milk, listened to NPR (National Public Radio), watched TV news and soap, logged on to my laptop and visited Facebook, watched videos on YouTube, bed rest...

Our friends Mike and Myrna visited us in the afternoon, bringing in a bouquet of fresh flowers, and a bowl of pepper steak the latter cooked, at five when Freny and Rose arrived from school-work. Mike fixed and replaced a bad switch in one of our restrooms upstairs. Assisted him by carrying flashlight while fixing the problem. Then, we had dinner together, with a short prayer/saying of grace. We shared food on the table with Myrna's and hot or cooked food (fried and baked chicken) that Freny and Rose bought at a grocery store on their way home. For dessert, we had strawberry cake that the two bought, and watermelon and cantaloupe (I bought at the newly-opened Commissary on Friday, 10 May), and iced sweet green tea, while having a pleasant but spirited conversation with our friends. Sort of telling/sharing each life experiences. I showed Mike and Myrna a laminated old photograph of my family. I was probably 5-6 years old when that family photo was taken. We called the night off, exchanging each Thank You for the company. I personally thanked Mike for that electrical thing he did. He said, "that's your birthday gift from me." I retorted, "but it's not my birthday yet."

Nope. I didn't take any photograph of our get together at home. Neither did I when we were at their house Sunday, Mother's Day. I should have, for posterity's sake. I don't feel bad. What's done and not, that's it.

Tuesday. May 14th. Rose up to use the rest room; went back to bed, while Freny was getting ready to leave house for school-work. Prepared bills for mailing, after praying, giving thanks to God for life and all blessings received, and after eating breakfast cereal with organic milk and a piece of banana while listening to NPR.

Left the house to drop off my mail, at the nearest post office, except for one bill (that Stormwater bill from our rental house in a neighboring city where we pay it twice a year) that I've planned to pay it personally at the city treasurer's office (extension office, not the main office), as I always do, then go to the city's public library to read whatever that pleases me. While driving, I noticed on the dashboard of our van an indicator light. Previous knowledge already told me it's about my tires, either one of them has low pressure and therefore needs more air or idk (I don't know). From the post office, I've decided to drive, walk-in, to First Team Toyota Dealership and Service Center. A couple of receptionist at the desk knew me or are familiar with me already when I told Anita why I was there in the first place and after handing her my car key. No more paper work at all. While there, waiting in the lounge with other customers, also watching TV, I had a cup of Hazelnut-flavor coffee with a small pack of crackers. In about 15 minutes, Anita handed me my key. I thanked her for their fast, excellent service. (I didn't get charge any penny at all for that problem---low tire pressure.)

From the Service Center, I went to pay off my Stormwater bill. Since the treasurer's office is in the same building as the city's public library, I didn't hesitate to drop by at the library. While reading the region's local dailies, I came across or saw in there a familiar face, an acquaintance/colleague, so to speak, who has written/published a number of poems, like me, in an anthology Skipping Stones, published by Chesapeake Bay Poets under retired naval officer Pete. Bill, whose surname (or family name) is similar to that poet and my former Radiology Department head (Any guess? Blake, that is.), is now a retired English teacher, I learned, while in the course of our conversation in one of the lounges at the library.

At about 4 pm, my phone rang. It was Freny asking me how am I doing. I told her that I was in the library and talking to Mr. Blake. Refreshed her memory about him and his wife, who was also there in the library doing something. I assumed she's and also retired. Freny informed me she's done with school-work and on her way home from school. (I know she has to pick up her sis Rose first on another school where the latter does substitute teaching almost daily; they both carpool most of the time to school-work.)

Mr. Blake and I had an active, engaging chitchat about current issues, from state government to national or federal, political to educational, like the state's SOL (Standards of Learning) tests, which are currently administered to students in public schools in our area at this time of the year. We also shared each our teaching/work experiences, and about literature/poetry. Eventually, as the afternoon progressed, his wife showed up (I said Hi to her, with my right hand up). We bid each other goodbye and, btw, Bill reminded me about the next Open Mike Poetry Night at the library in July. I thanked him for that.

Arriving home from the library, I found out Freny and Rose were already home and about to leave for their part-time 3-4 hours work at a clothing store. (For my wife Freny, she only works there twice a week, from 5 or 6 pm to 9 pm.) Exchanged kisses with wife. Then, the two left, with each a cup of food with them. I closed the main door when they left. Then, brainstormed what to prepare/cook for dinner. Finally decided to cook stir-fry mixed vegetables, i.e. broccoli, celery, carrots, zucchini, Vidalia onions, with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and already cooked Italian sausages, sliced, and flavored with oyster sauce.

After cooking, it's chow time for me, baby! Yeah, that's what I did, with grace and thanksgiving, while watching TV news! Then, I lounged in our living room while TV was on, and while on my laptop.

When Freny and Rose arrived, I went upstairs, in our bedroom, minutes before 10 pm, with TV on and my laptop watching videos from YouTube. Honestly I didn't feel like blogging yesterday and the other day. Bedtime for me, good night world! (Freny was still doing school-work stuff.) Thank you, good and gracious God! I love you, Jesus! Thank you, Mother Mary...full of grace, the Lord is with you...pray for us, sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Today, Wednesday. May 15th. Did my morning routine. Listened to NPR. After eating breakfast, I brought our two color-coded bins outside (one black for trash, the other, blue, for recycling) by the curbside. FYI: Trash and recycling pick up in our area is every Thursday. Took a couple of pictures of flowers growing in our backyard. And also house plants, including the bonsai that son Andrew sent his Mom Freny, via UPS, for Mother's Day. Did import/upload photos from camera to my laptop. (See my photos I just took this  morning of flowers/plants @ home, and in my backyard. Aren't they sweet, fresh and lovely? Thank you.)

Now busy writing or wrapping up this blog post while watching TV and listening to NPR, too. And, drinking orange juice while snackin' or munchin' a muffin and slightly-salted Planter's peanuts. (That's like my lunch, you know.) Getting tired and about to lie down and rest my aching bad back...Btw, I don't need to worry about dinner for we still have left-over food from yesterday's.

That's it, my dear folks and friends. Until next time around. Thank you for the company, and for your time. Take care and have a peaceful, joyful day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a quilpa, 15 May 2013

                                          Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

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