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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hi, everyone! Good Thursday to all of us! And Happy Birthday to me! Can you believe it, my dear folks and friends that another year has been added to my life's existence here on Earth! Wow, that's a blessing from Above! Thank God, for we're alive and well, so far. Thank you, Almighty God, for my Faith, family, folks, and friends near or far. Thank you, family, folks, friends...all of you have enriched my life, adding colors and wonders it! All of you have been a part of my life, in good days and bad.

Sixty, me, already, today? Wow! Unbelievable but true. We're getting old, Man! I know, we have weathered a lot of challenges as we keep pace with the changes taking place in our life-world. What matters to me is that we're alive and well, I believe...that we try to live each day to the fullest, living in and enjoying the present moment well. Btw, my sincere Thanks to all who wished me Happy Birthday today.

This morning, before my wife Freny and I left the house on a birthday date with special friends like Michael and Myrna, I have had the opportunity to post on my blog and to share to my Facebook friends my Birthday Haiku that I've just scribbled at about seven this morning while I was still in bed. Prior to that, I have prayed my rosary, and offered my thanks to our Almighty Father for my life, Faith, family, folks, and friends.

So where did we go to celebrate my 60th? For lunch we went to Red Lobster in a neighboring city. I had a good time. We all had a good time. Myrna and Mike brought with them Baby Emily, their granddaughter. She seemed to have a good time, too. A couple of the restaurant's servers came to our table and sang Happy Birthday to yours truly. That was sweet of them. Thank you, guys! (See the photos below.)

After lunch, Mike and Baby Emily left while Myrna, Freny and I headed to NEX and the new Commissary where we bought some groceries. Then, we brought Myrna to her house where Mike was babysitting Baby Emily. The latter, in her bathing suit, appeared to be enjoying her pool in front of their house. From there, Freny and I dropped by her dentist to pick up something for her. Then, we drove home, passing by our first house, back in 1995, and has been a rental property for almost eighteen years now.

That's it, my dear folks and friends. (I can't wait to show you my birthday presents. See the photos below. I forgot to include in there Andrew's and Tintin's gift for me: 2 DVDs, in addition to the birthday card with $$.) Thank you...thank you! Thanks to my family, especially to my loving wife Freny and our two amazing children Andrew and Tintin. To all of you, my dear folks and friends, many Thanks for your greetings and presents.

                                          Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 30 May 2013

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