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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recovering Slowly with Faith, Music (and Photos)

Hi, everyone! Good Wednesday to you all! Thank God, we're alive! And I'm doing much better today than the past few days! But I have to be cautious because my back spasms come and go. I can't tolerate being in upright position, sitting or standing, for a longer period of time. My back hurts so bad that only lying down seems to be the relief.

Yes, I'm recovering slowly but I'm getting in there. That's right, my dear folks and friends. We're getting better, after three-four days of being on bed rest and with prescribed pain medications, from a recurrence of my chronic lower back pain that incapacitates or debilitates me, at time. It's my lumbar spine that has been damaged, with degenerative discs disease (DDD) and/or degenerative joint disease (DJD), eventually, as a result of that MVA (motor vehicle accident) back in 1990, and then those seven invasive procedures on my lower back/lumbar spine. And it is this physical disability, and other medical /health condition, that led me to early retirement from the US Navy in 2005. Despite my permanent physical disability, I was able to complete a total of twenty years serving our country honorably and proudly. That qualified me for a monthly paycheck. Thank you, Almighty God! Thank you, Jesus, and Mother Mary!

This morning while I was about to eat my cereals, somebody was knocking at our door. It was one of the employees of Virginia Natural Gas Co. who was to install a new reading meter. I had to lead him to the backyard where our old gas meter was. While keeping him company, I took some photos of our red roses there outside. I even cut three of them and put them in a vase. They smell so good! They're so pretty and adorable, to me. I can't help but took pictures of them. I was so captivated by their redness and sweet smell! See the photos below. Tell me, aren't you guys thrilled to see, and smell, them, too?

As of now, I'm trying to take it easy, doing bed rest as necessary, while managing my pain and physical disability. God knows, I have had good days and bad, like the rest of us who have "disability." Back spasms come and go. At times, the feeling is kind of unbearable and depressing. But I have to look at the positive side of life and let the day go by, by staying active as much as I can, with my faith and prayer. And music like the songs of American Idol, Season 11, finalist Jessica Sanchez from her maiden album, Me, You & the Music, which I just bought a copy today, the only one left on the shelf when I went to Walmart this afternoon. Mind you, while I was in the parking lot coming home, I couldn't wait but to listen Jessica's. I kind of like the songs for they're upbeat, and truly representing the rock/pop genre. Listening to her keeps me going and feeling good. And smiling while witnessing simple, fleeting moments can make a difference in my recovery.

Well, feeling a little bit better as I've said, I was able to go to the post office this afternoon to drop off some mails. From there I drove my way to Walmart where I bought Jessica's album and two pairs of inexpensive rubber shoes that are lightweight to wear for walking. I didn't feel like staying there or roaming around for a long time. I just went straight to the area where I could find the merchandise I needed. Just those tree items. Then, went home, took a couple of pictures on the way home. Here are the ones I took, and I'm sharing them with you guys. Hope you liked/enjoyed them.

Okay, this is all for now. (I'm having back spasm and pain again and I need to lie down. Thanks for your company, and understanding.) Until next time around. Take care and have a peaceful day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 08 May 2013

Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

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