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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rambling Time While at Service Station

Hi, everyone! Good Saturday to you all! Hope you're enjoying your three-day Memorial weekend! Me? I'm trying. Thank God, we're alive and doing well.

It's service time! I mean, it's time for one of our cars to have its annual State inspection and periodic maintenance, i.e. oil-filter change, etc. So, this morning after doing my routine, and after eating a cup/bowl of oatmeal with organic milk, my wife Freny and I drove our way to the Auto Dealership and/or Service Station for the things I've mentioned above. That's why at this point in time, after checking in at the Service desk (walk-in), we're in the Service Station's lobby. And here we are...doing blogging while waiting for our car. Gladly, the desk person accommodated us even if they have a fully-booked schedule today.

Observably, there are about eight of us waiting in the lobby. Each round table is occupied with one or two or three people doing this or that...sipping a cup of coffee, watching TV, reading something, etc. One thing that I just found out while here in the lobby, presumably with free Internet access, with my laptop on, you have a quota time to access your blog. You're timed. That's kind of sucks, you know. Every now and then you have be reminded of your available time left in using the 'net. Well, it's better than nothing, I would say. That's why I'm sort of rambling here. Anyway, I have to keep on utilizing my free WiFi time. I might not be able to finish this post because of too much distractions around me. It's hard to concentrate if the TV on the lobby is on, plus other things around to see that cause you to lose focus or concentration, sometimes.

Btw, this early morning, while still in bed, I learned from Freny that our young adult son Andrew is home. I remember telling me last time I talked to him that he may come home this Memorial weekend, although I wasn't so sure if he can make it because of his work in The Capital. But, according to Freny, he arrived at about two this morning. (I was already in deep slumber that time, and probably they didn't bother to wake me up.) So before Freny and I left the house this morning, I checked on him in his room, and had no choice but to wake him up to give him his tax refund checks (one from the federal and the other from the State) that were mailed here in Hampton Roads and that I've kept for almost a month?

My dear folks and friends, I think I have to discontinue blogging because I'm not even sure if my post so far has been saved in spite of the fact that I keep on clicking the Save button on the upper right corner of this blog page of mine. Each time I try to preview what I've written so far, I can't preview it. From Blogger, it reads "Your Preview failed to load." What the going on? It looks as if it's not working here, my blogging...Does that mean that I'm just wasting my time? Man!

Wait a minute...I tried to preview my post, to make sure that it was saved, thus far, and it worked this time! What's going on? I don't know. Man, this thing in here is unpredictable! I don't think it's my laptop because I'm using the new one which I bought at NEX last year, December, I think. I don't know.

Andrew showed up, unexpectedly, in the lobby and said he's going to the bank and after that to Va Beach to meet his friends. So I said to him "Looking good, Man! You be safe, ok?" So thankful and glad to see him spending the three-day Memorial weekend here in Hampton Roads. But, I'm sure, he's spending more time with his friends just like today. You know these millennial generation
are...That's okay by me. They need to be out there and experience life, once they graduated from college. after all, they have to live their life, you know.

Well, the desk person alerted me that our car is done and ready to go. So I better sign off now, my dear folks and friends. Hence, until next time around. Talk to you later. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Again, to all of us, Have a Happy, Safe Memorial Day! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 25 May 2013

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