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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lingering Thoughts on Memorial Day

Thank God, that today is such a beautiful, peaceful Monday! With plenty of sunshine and mild weather, there's nothing to worry about but enjoy the day, with hope and freedom, and thanksgiving that we're alive and well.

Yes, it's a gorgeous day specially in Hampton Roads area where today, the last Monday of May, is filled with flags, flowers, wreaths in our Veterans Memorial cemeteries everywhere, and elsewhere. What is its significance, you ask? It's Memorial Day, aka Decoration Day, a federal holiday for US of A that is observed annually on the last Monday of May! It's a special day to honor and commemorate our fallen service members-veterans of war and peace---our unsung heroes who lost their lives in defense of peace and freedom for all. Yes, they paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom and liberty which we now enjoy. Thank you, valiant veterans for your service and sacrifice. May you rest in peace. Amen.

This morning, after doing my routine, I offered a simple prayer for our departed, fallen heroes of war and peace. Praying the rosary online, with the rest around the world, I reflected or thought of the sacrifices and sufferings our soldiers of different wars have endured, and their last moments, especially when they were out there in harms way, in the battlefields. I remember the other casualties of wars, the innocent victims, and their families left behind.

(Some thoughts lingering on my mind, today, as I learn to continue to live and try to enjoy life: Lessons of wars, invasions, and occupations abound in relation to preserving peace and order, and safety throughout the world. Questions arise such as 1) Is war necessary to achieve or maintain peace and stability of a region or a place in the world? 2) Is war justified? 3) Must war be waged to attain a purpose or an agenda? 4) So far, have we been more peaceful and secure in our world, with all the wars that were or continue to be fought?)

As I keep on pondering about life, here on Earth, I ask myself these questions: If life is so precious, why are there other "wars" out there that prevent it from nurturing and flourishing? Why do we (love to) engage in battles so much so that we want other lives to suffer or perish from our sight, that we want to be always victorious and the others defeated? Is this our nature as man, or human being---to be always fighting for our life, for supremacy, in a battlefield, since time immemorial? So what's life for? Life for life? Always opting, hoping to win? What about other lives out there who want to win, too, and have the right to live free from everything that hinder them to grow and prosper, like everybody else? Wow, what am I thinking, with these silly thoughts? Sounds philosophical, huh? Jesus, I don't know! I hope I'm making sense to you, my dear folks and friends. Let me stop here.

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Thank you for reading my piece of mind. Take care and have a safe, peaceful Memorial Day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 27 May 2013

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