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Friday, May 24, 2013

E-mail and Laundry Time

Hi, everyone! Good Friday to all of us. Thank God, we're alive, and doing well, I think. Hope that you're all doing great.

My dear folks and friends, near or far, it's a three-day, holiday weekend for those who have regular work here in the US of A, and those fellow Americans working or stationed overseas. Why is this so? It's because on Monday, May 27th, is Memorial Day, a federal holiday in the USA. So, in advance, I'd like to wish you all A Happy, Peaceful, and Safe Memorial Day!

This morning, after doing my morning routine and praying the rosary, I thought about submitting a short article featuring my poem In Loving Memory to our local city newspaper, Suffolk News-Herald. So that's what I did once I got downstairs with my laptop. But I went back upstairs to find that file or binder where a hard copy of my article was. Can you believe it? I haven't use the e-mail, via Google mail, for a long time! The feeling is that as if I'm trying to re-learn again to write e-mail. I did it, anyway, with hope that the editor will consider it for publication. (Actually, that piece of mine was already published years ago in a number of publication like Pacific Crossroad, Drydock, The Courier, and the defunct The Filipino Chronicle, when I was still active duty in the US Navy, and five years ago in SNH. There was only a slight editing on the narrative part, though, this time.

Btw, I admit, I haven't done laundry in a while. So, I started my laundry, after eating my breakfast cereal. Now, while waiting for my first load of laundry to be washed, I did visit Facebook. I was glad to see updated photos of FB friends. Likewise I was happy to like and/or share chosen links/photos/articles to FB friends. Then, I went back to Google mail to read my mail that have been accumulated and not been read for months. About an hour after I've sent the article, I was surprised to get a reply from the editor thanking me for my submission. Furthermore, he stated that my piece will appear on this Sunday's edition of SNH. Well, what can I say but to look forward to reading it on this Sunday's edition of SNH.

Did you know, folks and friends, that I ended up doing three loads of laundry this morning? Yeah, that's right. Three large, heavy loads of laundry! What's one thing that I don't like when doing laundry? Folding clothes and/or matching socks that are dry and clean. That activity takes time, you know. I don't know about you but that's a part of the laundry work that I dislike to do. But, I have no choice but to do it. Why? I'm all alone at home, on weekdays, mostly. On the other hand, I didn't prepare for our dinner today. You know why? We still have that left-over food that I cooked yesterday: fried (scallopini) pork chops and stir-fried mixed vegetables (celery, carrots, cabbage, Vidalia onions, and garlic sauteed with used vegetable oil and flavored with oyster sauce and soy sauce). But, when dinner time came, I opted for turkey and cheese sandwich with mixed vegetable salad. For my dessert, I had a doughnut with a cup of regular Coke. (I haven't had soda for months. I don't usually drink it. But, once in a while, I have had the longing or kind of craving for soda. So, I let myself indulge in it. Just this time, though!)

Well, it's almost an hour before midnight. I have to sign off now. Until next time around. Thanks, everyone, for your company. Take care and have a wonderful weekend! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 24 May 2013

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