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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bye D-ville, for Now!

Good Saturday, everyone! How's it going with your life? Despite everything, we thank God that we're alive and well.

This morning, at Tintin's, after breakfast of oatmeal with organic milk, an avocado sandwich, and watermelon, we went to Ringgold Flea Market here in D-ville. (Initially, it was difficult to find a parking space! But, eventually we found one.) There, Freny bought some things, stuff; I got myself a bag of assorted ankle socks, a bag of tank tops, two pairs of sleepers, and one black leather belt with USA mark  in it. I don't remember if Tintin bought any for herself. She said she didn't want any. I did take some souvenir photos. I'll see if I can embed a couple here in my post later. I'll try to share them to our Facebook friends, too. (Update: You may see selected photos below. Check them out, folks and friends.)

At about noon, we're back to Tintin's apartment because she's expecting a female prospective co-renter to see her apartment at 12:30. No, we didn't eat lunch outside. We just had a simple lunch of cheese-turkey sandwich. For dessert, we had watermelon.

Now, our plans have changed. (We've planned to attend Sunday Mass in Greensboro, North Carolina tomorrow and then have lunch there and a little shopping and sight-seeing, too.) Instead of spending the days here in D-ville until Monday, we're leaving for 757 this afternoon. Well, Freny insisted that we go back home since our son Andrew is there back home for this weekend from The Capital. We learned that he arrived home last night. So, we are getting ready to leave D-ville. Thanks, D-ville! See you next time.

My dear folks and friends, this is all for now. Thanks for the company. Take care and have a nice weekend, everyone! Enjoy and have fun this summer! As always, I pray, "May God bless us and keep us all safe from harm!"-chris a. quilpa, 22 June 2013

                                    Photos (c) by Chris A. Quilpa

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