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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yesterday's Visit (with Photos), Part I

Good Tuesday, everyone! Thank God, we're alive and well. And blogging again, this time...

My shouts out and Thanks to our (accidental) readers/viewers of our blog! To those of you readers/page viewers who are from here in the U.S., in Russia, UK, France, Ukraine, Poland, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, and Bulgaria, my sincere thank you.

Our "special" friends and fellow St. Paul's Catholic Church parishioners Mike and Myrna, together with their granddaughter Baby Emily, surprised us with an unannounced visit yesterday morning. I love that, thank God! Truly, so glad and thankful I, personally, am/was for their serendipitous visit. And much more. As it has been customary for them to bring something, i.e. homemade cooked food, when they visit us, this time, they brought us Myrna's special "pancit palabok," a dish she loves to cook for Mike. Not only that. Veteran U.S. Marines Mike, with that "can do" attitude and volunteering spirit, did backyard work for us, without being told. (Aware of my physical disability or limitations, he's been very helpful to me and my family.) And I'm very grateful to God for having him and Myrna as our special friends.
As Mike, Freny, and Rose were doing yard work, Myrna, daughter Tintin, and Baby Emily especially were having a good time in our backyard, while I was capturing moments of the day with my camera.

 Since it was almost lunchtime when Mike finished doing yard work (with help from my wife Freny and sis-in-law Rose), we partook the food that Mike and Myrna brought us.

  Btw, yesterday, Freny and I initially have planned to go to the post office to drop off our mail, bringing along with us Tintin and Rose. Then, we'd go to the bank. From there, we'd drive our way to FeLynn's in Va Beach for lunch. Then, we'd probably ply along the Virginia Beach Oceanfront (revisit), hang around there... enjoying the sea breeze and boardwalk, with tourists and visitors, etc. But when Mike and Myrna surprised us with a visit, we invited them to go along with us to Virginia Beach. We couldn't convince Mike to go with us, although it seemed that Myrna kind of like the idea. We were unsuccessful, despite our constant persuasion, for Mike and Myrna to join us to our visit to Va Beach. When they left, we thanked Mike and Myrna for their friendship, for having visited us, for the food they shared us, and for the yard work that Mike has done for us.

So the end, it was only my household who went to Va Beach and the Oceanfront. Although we would love to bring along with us Mike, Myrna and Baby Emily to our road trip to Va Beach and the Oceanfront, we, nevertheless, had a good time yesterday. As you can see in our photos above and below...And more pictures on the way...

                                          Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa
Part II, coming up shortly. Stay tuned, my dear folks and friends...Sit back and  relax...we'll be right back after a short break...See you guys later. Bye!-chris a. quilpa, 25 June 2013

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