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Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling the Pressures of Andrea

Good Friday, everyone! TGIF! Thank God, It's Friday! Btw, how are we doing nowadays? How's the weather in your area? Nice? Absolutely gorgeous? Beautiful? Just perfect? Mild? Breezy? Windy? Sunny? Warm? Hot? Rainy and wet? Whatever it is, let's be thankful that we're alive and well. Me? I'm hanging in there. Thank you, Almighty God!

It's wet and raining over here in Hampton Roads at this time. Will it rain the whole day today? Hopefully and prayerfully, it will stop in time, and that the weather remains calm and not too windy. Local meteorologists are forecasting for possible tornadoes...That's why tornado watch/tropical storm warning is in effect in our region, and elsewhere, at this time. Hopefully, it will be lifted soon. And that the sun shines through...

Right now, we're feeling the pressures of Andrea, the first tropical storm hitting the East Coast, particularly in the eastern seaboard. It made landfall in the Florida coast yesterday and it's moving towards us in the northeastern part like the Carolinas (South and North) and Hampton Roads, Virginia. Per CNN and weather reports, Andrea is waning but dumping heavy rain across East Coast. That means that we're anticipating flash floods, especially in low-lying areas. The National Weather Service warns drivers to  never drive through flooded roadways. The Coast Guard also warns boaters to be off the water during this time.Well, we hope and pray that Andrea claims no lives and major damages as it approaches (and passes by) Hampton Roads. Her path continues to be heading up north. (As I continue writing this blog post, it stopped raining, for a while, and it's calm. Then, it continued raining again.) There are already reports of power outages, here and there, and in neighboring states like South Carolina. Hopefully, power will be restored in those areas sooner. And that rain will stop and go away...Partial (to full) clearing on the way, huh? That's right, we're looking forward to a beautiful, wonderful weekend! Let's stay safe, everyone!

Trying to capture the weather situation in our area, I took the photos (embedded here below) from my front door and back. They were taken before and after 10:00 o'clock this morning. As you may see, a couple of the photos here were taken while I was also watching TV, particularly on NBC and its local affiliate TV station WAVY. (Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.)

                             Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa
FYI, there's this yearly event known as Harborfest in Norfolk that's supposed to take place starting today. But with what I learned from the local news, the Parade of Sail was cancelled due to Andrea. However, ships participating will be open to the public tomorrow, Saturday, per local news report. I believe there are already a number of ships from other countries that have arrived and are sailing along the Elizabeth River in connection with this "nautical" event. I learned there are concerts cancelled, and other festivals rescheduled. On the other hand, another activity that I'm aware of this weekend, particularly tomorrow, Saturday, is the holding of Commencement Exercises or Graduation Day for a couple of high schools in our area. Others, I learned, will have theirs next Saturday, especially in the Peninsula area. How did I know about this? Well, my wife Freny is a high school teacher (teaching Chemistry) in one of the public high schools in Hampton Roads, and she said days ago that the Graduation Day in their school will take place next Saturday, June 15. Right now, they're busy administering the final exams to their students, she said.

Well, this is all for now. Thank you for your time, folks and friends. Until next time around. Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! May God bless us all always!-chris a. quilpa, 07 June 2013

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