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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome Summer!

NOTE: This is what I wrote yesterday afternoon about the First Day of Summer, June 21, 2013.

Hello, everyone! How are we all doing this first day of Summer 2013? Am glad and thankful we're alive and well, enjoying the summer heat.

Yes, the heat is on, ladies and gentlemen! And humidity, too, OMG! Bring out those sandals, shorts and shirts! Let's go to the beach and wade through the clear water, and surf through the waves, swim along with the waves, build sandcastles, or play beach volleyball! It's definitely a blast under the sun, with balmy air and/or soothing sea breeze! Ah, summer has officially arrived in our region, and elsewhere in Northern Hemisphere! More fun activities to do, more concerts and festivals and festivities on the crowded ocean-beachfront, and most of the hotels there are occupied or (fully) booked again...these are anticipated as we welcome summer with bright colors, shades, music, and plenty of (tropical) fruits like watermelons and cantaloupes. Lots of revelling under the sun, gamboling in the sand...Truly a relief from coldspell, however ephemeral it may be!

My dear folks and friends who are having summer in their area, let's savor summer but with caution. Safety should always be in mind as we are out there, enjoying under the sun, with our family and/or friends. Our kids, especially, are vulnerable to drowning, heat-related illness, disease or injury. Younger children need to be watched or monitored at all times, on the lookout for possible abductors, predators, pedophiles, miscreants, etc. Our seniors, especially those who are living alone in their own house, should be monitored, too, for heat-related injuries, and falls. Likewise, for young teens, enjoying their summer break in resorts or theme parks, with friends, acquaintances, or newly-found friends, to be conscious, cautious, and vigilant epsecially when they're having parties here and there...As we know, we have heard in the news of missing, abducted, physically attacked or sexually abused teens. As they say, there's strength in numbers. That a teen should not be left alone in a hotel or somewhere else. She or he should be with her or his group or family members always, wherever she or he goes. That's what it 's supposed to be in order to prevent any unforseen criminal event or circumstances. Just my two cents piece of mind to enjoy the full benefit/s of summer.

Well, this First Day of Summer 2013, we're still enjoying our initial summer break or getaway at Tintin's here in D-ville. This morning we just hang around in the apartment, after breakfast, listening to music, writing my blog post,  importing photos, and Freny doing laundry, etc. For lunch, she cooked us simple dish made of rice noodles and hard-boiled eggs, while I prepared sandwiches of smoked turkey and cheese. As for our dessert, we had Turkish delight with blackmuylberry from yesterday's grocery shopping at the international market store in Greensboro, NC, and sweet, seedless watermelon from a chain supermarket here.

This afternoon, at about two, we accompanied Tintin to go and pay in advance her apartment rent for two months, July and August. Why two months in advance? She's anticipating her not being in her apartment for the entire month of July and first week of August. She has in-service training with fellow college advisers in C-ville, she confirmed us. From there, we went to inquire about Internet access service and how much will it cost her if she decides to have a connection sevice at a local service provider. Then, we dropped by at the city's public library where we enjoyed our Internet access there. (FYI: When her apartment mate and fellow female college adviser left D-ville for her summer grad school in C-ville, she tranasferred her apartment lease to Tintin. Understandably, Tintin is now the sole renter, unless she decides to have a co-renter who will share with the expenses. So as of now, Tintin doesn't have Internet at the apartment.) There at the library is where I did upload my photos on my laptop from yesterday's road trip or visit to Greensboro, NC, and also copied-posted my blog post to my blog. Did visit Facebook for minutes, too. I could have done that to my smart phone but I would prefer using my laptop. From there, we went to a store, Big Lots, to shop for stuff for Tintin's apartment. Then, went back home to Tintin's. Just chillin out, snacking a lot, while Freny prepared somehting for dinner. We might be watching a movie after dinner.

Well, it's time for dinner, my dear folks and friends. Freny is done cooking while I'm rushing this blog post to the finish line. All right, let me sign off now. Thanks for keeping me company. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Happy Summer, too! As always, I pray, "May God bless us and keep us all safe from harm!"-chris a. quilpa, 21 June 2013

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