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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yesterday's Visit (with Photos), Part II

Good Tuesday, everyone! Hope everyone is doing great.

Well, how are we doing so far? Enjoying the surprises, sights and sounds, and smells of summer? That's great! Have fun but be safe, though!

Here's part II of Yesterday's Visit. Wishing you were with us, too, my dear folks and friends. But, anyway, with the photos below, hopefully you'll be having fun also.

As always, each time we go to Va Beach we usually dine out at one of the Filipino or FilAm restaurants, like FeLynn's or Maymar.  The largest city here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, population-wise, Virginia Beach takes about twenty-five to thirty minutes to reach by car, via the midtown tunnel. But with heavy traffic, road repairs, and tunnel congestion, it may take over thirty minutes, though. (Btw, I've posted photos of our previous visit to the Oceanfront a month or two ago in Facebook. I've embedded some selected photos, too, in my previous blog post; I think so.)  

At about 4:45 p.m., we arrived in Virginia Beach. But first, we decided to drop by at a bank for a transaction. Glad and thankful that we're able to be there in that bank before closing time. From there, Freny drove us to FeLynns where we had dinner...authentic Filipino cuisine of sauteed green beans, pancit or noodles and/or steamed rice, and pieces of "lechon," aka roasted pig. And with a delightful dessert! I tell you, it was refreshing to have this summer delight, "halo-halo," especially if the weather is hot and humid. This summer treat is a mixture of crushed/shaved ice, milk, sweet preserved Navy beans, jello or gelatin, fruits like bananas, pineapple chunks, sweet purple yam and/or small slices of "leche flan" etc. Topping that with a scoop of ice cream, whatever flavor it may be. There you have it...the Filipino "halo-halo" or mix-mix in English translation. So appropriate to quench your thirst this summer! I just love it, with sweet, glutinous rice cakes! Yummy!

With full stomach, we were ready to have a stroll, a walk around, the Oceanfront. But on our way to the Oceanfront, I remember the address of this Filipino chain restaurant that just recently opened, months ago. I called attention to Freny to take a left turn to S. Plaza Trail. A few feet away, there we found it, the sign and symbol of Jollybee. The photos below show how excited we were...

Nope, we didn't dine in there because we're full. We just took photos. Freny, Rose and Tintin had a restroom break there, while I chatted with one of their Filipino employees who happened to have the same name as mine, the name that I've used way back in my birthplace, The Philippines, from elementary to college and employment there. (That's what I used on my Facebook account, too.) I told this man (I believe, he's older than me, just by looking at him while we were conversing) that now that we know the place, we'll one day dine in there. Well, we thank him for having met and known him that time.

From Jollybee, we cruised our way down to the Oceanfront. My dear folks and friends, come join us as we (re)visit the resort city with all it has to offer to the residents, families, friends, tourists, guests, visitors...


Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

There at the Oceanfront, we had a great time, enjoying the sights and sounds, and smells of summer, the sea breeze that's soothing and relieving, the people there vacationing, surfing, swimming, playing with the waves, etc. We had the opportunity to know a Pennsylvania couple, Wayne and Debbie, with their young teen nephew Tristan. We also met a woman in her mid-20s, who, she said, was waiting for her boyfriend there. We saw bikers, joggers, strollers on the boardwalk. We went all the way down the sandy seashore, and took more pictures.

 Well, my dear folks and friends, this is all for now. Until next time around for another blog post. Thanks for keeping me company. Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us and keep us all safe from harm!"-chris a. quilpa, 25 June 2013

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