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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Good Thursday, everyone! Thank God, we're alive and doing well.

Our pre-summer vacation in D-ville is going well so far. I don't have anything to complain but thank God for the opportunity to be here again...vacationing, chillin' out, having fun, eating out and in at Tintin's. She has the unit to herself now so, though it's a two-bedroom apartment with a minimalist appeal (barely furniture-less with almost no home decor), it's simply spacious and so authentically amazing.

The practice of's just basically a matter of philosophy and principle. Less is better; less is more. In a consumeristic and materialistic world environment such as ours, there's this question of what is really important in life...what matters in life most when other parts of our world there's inequality, disparity, and poverty of sorts. So, to be simple or to live simply is just a matter of preference, yet aware of our less fortunate brothers and sisters everywhere. It's like understanding and practicing also what it's like to be like them---needy and deprived, marginalized, underserved. To commiserate with them by living simply yet modestly is a descent act on our part. If what we have defines us then so be it. All we try to do is to be less so we could be more in other aspect of life.

It's real and it's true: There are people out there who are struggling to survive, so deprived of material stuff that we possess and enjoy, yet they seem happier and contented. Although they aspire, I believe, to be materially rich---to want to enjoy what we have, i.e., nice car, house, furniture, fine china, sophisticated stuff, electronics, latest technological gadgets---they couldn't catch up with the Joneses in our midst. All they could do is try, and struggle to survive. They seem to worry less, while we continue to do what we can, with the fortune that we have, to stay happy, young, and on top of everybody else. Observably, as I see it, we care so much about ourselves that we forget that we're not alone in this planet Earth we're temporarily wondering and wandering. We fail or neglect to realize that we have neighbors in our midst who are in need of help and encouragement.

Away from what we used to have is a life experience worth-trying. It somehow strengthens your spirit. Not having the luxury, like others have, is kind of unfair but, it is liberating, in a way. It frees you from too much worrying...of paying too much taxes, of protecting your property from unexpected, unfortunate events like theft, fire, loss, bankruptcy; of too much high-maintenance, etc.

Oh, I've ranted and rambled! I know, my thoughts wandered...that I've unleashed or unloaded what's in my mind at this time. My dear folks and friends, pardon me for my off-topic, tangent verbosity?

Before I sign off for today, I tell you this: Late last night, we watched a movie at Tintin's and we had fun. We enjoyed the comedic flick. See the photos that I have taken while we were watching the comedic flick...Enjoy!

                                    Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Well, I'm signing off now. (We have plans for go somewhere...) Until next time around. Thanks for keeping me company. Take care and have a wonderful time, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all and keep us all safe from harm."-chris a. quilpa, 20 June 2013        

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