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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Of Outdoor Stroll, and Road Trip with YT

Good Wednesday, everyone! Hope you're doing great. Thank God, we're alive and well.

Just finished my short stroll around the neighborhood two hours ago, as I start writing this blog post. With plenty of sunshine all over Hampton Roads, it's irresistible not to be outdoor, even for 30 minutes to an hour, especially during this time of the year when the weather is mild and little warm. It's perfect to be outdoor, stretching out, doing physical conditioning, like walking at your own pace, besides breathing fresh air and getting some vitamin D from the morning sun, and meeting fellow resident-walkers or joggers along the way. That is if you're lucky. I was...happy and thankful, too.

Just like this morning, while walking along pedestrian/bike lane on the main road in our community, I came across Gladys and Josepha, who were accompanying their grandchildren to school. (I've mentioned the two middle-aged women in my older blog post, sometime last year, if I'm not mistaken.) As usual, we exchanged greetings and pleasantries. They're glad to see me and I was, too. I asked them how long do they still have school, as I looked on the kids. One of the kids answered that they have until next week, next Friday. Then, we each did go on different direction...Gladys and Josepha walked along with their grand children to their school, and I continued with my stroll.

I got back home at about ten thirty this morning, feeling sore on both knees, and tired, and experiencing back spasms. Actually, I was already feeling sore, after about thirty minutes of walking. Well, it's probably because I haven't had this sort of exercise or physical conditioning for a while. But, I am okay. I feel good, with manageable pain, I think, mostly on my knees and lower back, as I've said. Thankfully, I've managed to be back home and to bring our trash bin outside, by the curbside, ready for the trash collector/s tomorrow.

Now it's breakfast, or brunch, time, after a few minutes of rest or cooling period! So what did we have? Just a bowl of Cheerios with organic milk, and a piece of banana. That's it. Plain and simple. And later on, after an hour, while I continued my blogging, a piece of pear fruit. And water. Bottled Dasani "purified" water. Continued with my blog...thinking what topic to talk about next...I know now...My dear folks and friends, wanna come along with me? Ready? Let's go...
Yesterday, after daughter Tintin left for D-ville at 1 p.m. (and thank God, she arrived there safely when she called us late afternoon), I went on a "road trip" to the West Coast. (Or I would say, re-visited the West, specifically I come again! Btw, I came from there, specifically in the Silicon Valley where revisited my relatives, folks, friends, with my family, last year. Miss the West Coast!) You're kidding, you say. Well, I did! Not with my wife Freny or a family member. But with a French traveler, I think! With a high definition camera. On YouTube, that is! That's right, I went on a road trip to the West Coast via those "travel" videos on YouTube! And, I enjoyed it, with those awesome scenic views along the way! They're incredibly beautiful! What a wonderful experience! You see, the power of the Internet continues to amaze me, specifically the incredible YouTube and Google, and Blogger, and Facebook, etc. While trying to live and learn in a digital, wired world, I'm amazed at what I find each day, just being connected to the 'Net. Thanks, YouTube! And thanks a lot to the video makers/uploaders.

So, my dear folks and friends, I'm sure you want to know where I went yesterday, what I saw and encountered, huh? Let's go to YouTube and find out who the traveler I was with, okay? What...I forgot the name. Let me think...Recall...I think I remember now...TylerProject, yes! Let's go to YouTube and type TylerProject. Eureka! Here are the videos...Btw, here's my Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I don't own the videos. They're from YouTube. So, I'd like to say, Thank you, YouTube and TylerProject, the uploader of the videos embedded here on my blog post. TylerProject, you did a great job! Kudos and more traveling! Just to let you know, I enjoyed "traveling" with you! Thanks a lot for bringing me to these awesome places, via your videos!  
Well, this is all for now. I hope you had fun and a good time, my dear folks and friends. Happy traveling! Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone! May God bless us and keep us all safe from harm always!-chris a. quilpa, 05 June 2013

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