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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Chatting" via Facebook with a Sibling Sister Working Abroad

Hi, everyone! Good day, everybody! How are we all doing today? Thank God, we're alive and well!

Today, I have had the opportunity to "chat" (for a couple of minutes) with one of my siblings, sister Aida, who, along with her husband, Boy, has been working and living in another country for years. I did initiate the "conversation" while I saw my sister that she's on Facebook at that moment. I asked her how's she and bro-in-law Boy doing, how are their children, working in another country, doing, if she knew that our nephew Julius has passed away, etc. Some other inquiries, statements about my family, and food for thought about life.

She responded by typing she and Manong Boy are doing well, and same with my nephews and nieces and their families. I inquired when are they retiring from work. She replied that hopefully it's in a year from now. She asked me when will I go on vacation to our native land because she informed me she and Manong Boy have planned to go home at the end of the year. She said they have a project in their hometown to oversee. I replied how much I'd love to go on vacation but I told her frankly I have some priority matters to take care of.

It's been a while, almost four years, that I haven't been back to my birthplace to visit. That was when we had sort of a reunion with most of my siblings and family members that we've never seen each other for decades. That was five months after my wife Freny and daughter Tintin, and sis-in-law attended my father-in-law's funeral there. After almost 18 years of being away from my birthplace, I was surprised at how much progress and development I've witnessed there. Commercialization is everywhere. materialism has been very evident. (Majority of the townsfolk have been enjoying technological gadgets, like cell phones, etc.) Globalization and westernization are so active and flourishing everywhere, even to the towns and once rural areas. That's good, attributed to the so-called OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) who remit their earnings back home and that contributes to the overall progress and development of the country. One drawback that's undeniably observable, though: It's getting overcrowded there and the climate or weather has been getting warmer due to cutting of trees in areas where they build bigger houses, European-inspired, or buildings. Pollution, likewise, gets worse. But, that's the price to pay for progress, especially if not controlled or regulated.I'm happy and thankful to see progress and improvement in the lives of the people there. I salute our OFWs for their courage, sacrifices and passion for better life.

My sister Aida and some members of her family, my other nephews and nieces, are examples of OFWs. They leave our birthplace to eke out a living abroad, like the rest of us legal immigrants and naturalized citizens. Lots of patience, perseverance, courage, sacrifices, they do have, like us, here in the States. We fell what they feel...we understand what they're going through...we know what they' encountering and experiencing because we've been there  and continue to experience or encounter day to day. They have stories to tell, like us. And they have big dreams to realize, like us...

Ah, life is totally different to different people! Although we live in one planet, we live in different worlds, I think so. But, we're all the same...wanderers and vagabonds, pilgrims on a journey to Life. And we have Faith, most of us. That plays an important part in our lives. It serves us a purpose to keep going...even if there are failures and victories along the way...Such is life. What is important is the now, the present moment. That what matters to and trying to enjoy and appreciate and love Life in the present moment here and now!

Well, that was a brief "chat" with one of my sibling sisters, Aida, via Facebook. Without Facebook, I just don't know how we, folks and friends, and relations, get connected or re-connected with each other. Thanks, Facebook, for your existence and service to us all! And thanks to YouTube, Google, Blogger, the Internet in general. Thank God for all the people behind these technology, these social networks. Thanks a lot to my family and extended families near or far...Thank you, Jesus!

Until next time around, my dear folks and friends. Take care and have a peaceful day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 25 April 2013

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