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Friday, April 26, 2013

See, It's Getting Greener Outside!

So nice, today is! Mild, sunny but a little cool the weather is! TGIF! Thank God, It's Friday! Hope you're doing well, my dear folks and friends. Thank God, we're alive and well. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, btw (by the way).

I did an errand this afternoon. I went to the post office to drop off our mail. Those stuffs that needed to be paid off in advance and are due on the first week of each month. (They're bills, monthly payment for this and that, you know what I mean.) I went back home. I didn't feel like going to any store or wherever. Besides we just had grocery this past Sunday at the Commissary, spending over $200.

One thing I noticed around my neighborhood when I left the house and on my way to the post office: The environment is looking greener! Yes, the trees that have been kind of "dormant," leafless, kind of lifeless for months are alive with their new, pure, distinctly green leaves emerging and growing fast! Fruit trees have flowers and buds. Evidently, young fruits are coming out! Birds are actively chirping or singing while hopping from one area to another, on the newly-mown lawn or backyard. Pollen aren't that noticeable anymore, unlike previous days/weeks. Spring is definitely back in the open, especially in our area. How's it in your area, guys? Hot, cold, rainy, sunshiny, windy? Anyway, I'm grateful that we're alive and doing well.

Another thing that I observed while on my way to the post office, this afternoon, was that construction of dwellings or building or apartment complexes at that spacious vacant lots at the intersection of this and that Street or Drive is actively in full swing again. Does this mean that the economic condition in Hampton Roads, particularly in our area, is improving? It seems like, I believe. Sooner or later, our area will be well-developed and progressively suburban, like other places around the State.

Btw, we don't use chemicals in our backyard, unlike others in our community that employ or contract professional lawn maintenance workers. We're aware of the harmful effects of these chemicals sprayed on the ground in order to kill the pestering weeds embedded in those lawns or backyards.

It's good and healthy to be outside again, even for a few minutes outdoor, breathing fresh air and enjoying the clear blue, sunny sky.What a wonderful feeling it is to be with the natural environment! I don't know about you guys but it's such a relief to me to be outdoor, even in our backyard, just doing nothing but observe the natural world we live in!

Well, this wraps up my rambling for today. Until next time around, my dear folks and friends. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! May God bless us all...Always!-chris a. quilpa

Here, my folks and friends, are some photos I took at about 3 pm, and I'm sharing them with you all. Hope you liked and enjoyed them. Thanks for your time.

Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

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