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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Ramblings; It's Earth Day!

Good Monday, everyone! Thank God, we're alive and well! Happy Earth Day to all of us!

Monday, windy and cool in Hampton Roads area today! (Glad that I haven't turned off our heater!) Yesterday was all bright and sunny, but a little chilly and cold. What a change of weather today! There was sunshine earlier this morning. Now, the sky is gray! What a day today! What? It's gonna rain today? You're not kidding, are you, weatherman?

Weather is something that's unpredictable, like life in general. Sometimes it's bright, and clear, and colorful, and warm. Sometimes it's gloomy, and dark, and cold. And mild or in-between. Whatever comes, let it be. We make our own life anyway. Or, life is what we make it. Smile! Feel better now, huh? Good.

What did I do after waking up this early morning? Head call, of course. Then, back to bed, and tried to get back to sleep while Freny was getting ready for school-work. Mind you, I don't know what time she came to bed last night, or way past midnight? It's almost like that all the time. I would already be actively snoozing and unaware of what's going on around my world while she's either downstairs (with her sis Rose) or in our room with her school's laptop checking on something. You know, lots of stuff that she does all related to her teaching Chemistry---that's consuming much of her time each weekday at home. And even on weekends, with the exception of going to church and eating out! :(

Ah, life of a classroom teacher, on school days, is never-ending/boring/easy...indeed! But it depends on the person concerned, how s/he manages time, his/her time. At home, if there are distractions along his/her way, i.e. talking to someone over the phone for a period of time, especially if s/he does the initiation, instead of concentrating his/her work) then that's taking much of his/her (sleeping) time. How much time has been wasted! And for all we know, it's midnight or early dawn...I don't mind spending hours of time talking with your former classmates or old friends. But what I'm driving at is this: prioritizing your tasks in such a way that you overlook the other important aspect of a healthy life/living which is rest or sleep.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the videos embedded herewith. They're from YouTube. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks YouTube and to the video uploaders or YouTubers. Thank you...
So, today, April 22 is Earth's Day! This yearly observance encourages everyone to pay attention to how we take care of our environment, our planet Earth. It's an awareness day for us to do something to be gentle to our planet. Heard about recycling, going green? It's a good practice to help ourselves taking care of our environment. It's good that we have two bins from the city: one (black bin) for trash, the other (blue) for recyclable materials, things. These past days, I've been trying to collect water that I used from washing my cup or plates, or just from washing my hands. I mean the water used in the rinsing process, especially, instead of that H2O going to down the drain or waste. And what would I do with the H2O that's collected in a container? For watering my fruit trees. Let's be good stewards of Mother Earth. It's our responsibility to do something to protect and preserve Mother Earth.

I believe, I did write a blog post about Earth Day last year, with embedded videos from YouTube. Thanks YouTube, and to the video uploaders or vloggers. The videos...they're very informative and educational. Entertaining, too.

Btw, what would life be without YouTube? That depends on the person you ask. It matters whether the person answering that question is a teen or tween, or young adult or older adult, retired and just trying to enjoy his/her golden years. For younger ones, or generation XY or millenial generation, they would probably say, "life sucks!" For some baby boomers, or people in their 70s-80s and beyond, they would answer, "what is that? Who cares or whatever!"

It's now past 2 pm. And it's showering or drizzling/raining outside! So, I'm now signing off, my dear folks and friends. Thank you for taking time to read and watch the videos herewith. Thanks, YouTube and those video uploaders. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful Earth Day! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 22 April 2013

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