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Monday, April 15, 2013

It's T-Time! Tax Deadline Today, That Is!

Good Monday, everyone! Wake up to T-time! Not tea or tee but tax time, that is! Just a simple reminder to all concerned!

Yes, Sir, it's Tax Time! You know what I mean, that yearly event on April 15th in which every American citizen, both here or abroad, or (legal) resident of US of A, of legal age, has to file his/her (income) tax returns. Yes, the deadline to file our tax returns is today, April 15th! So what's the wait, my fellow Americans and legal immigrant-residents? Let's go do it! Why? Because it's our responsibility and/or obligation to file our tax returns. We can always hire someone to do it for us or, if it's not that complicated, we can do it ourselves. (I've been doing ours before for years. But when it became complicated because we have a rental house, that's the time we sought the expertise of a certified tax preparer/professional.) Or, we can ask for someone or volunteer organization who can help us prepare our tax returns. There are community organizations that do help people in preparing and even filing their tax returns. It's just a matter of doing research as to where to seek help.

Whether we owe or are expecting or due a refund from Uncle Sam, it's my understanding, (having worked and proudly served honorably in the military, and lived here for almost three decades now) that we have to file our tax returns. If, for instance, we can't file it today, due to a valid reason, we can request for an extension. In order to avoid paying a penalty, per IRS (Internal Revenue Service), the deadline to file taxes or an extension is midnight, April 15, tonight! So, let's get moving, my dear folks and friends. We still have the time until midnight tonight. We don't want to be branded as tax evaders, do we?

I know, there are people out there who procrastinate or wait for the last minute to file their taxes for whatever reason/s. I'm very sure thousands and thousands, if not millions, of Americans are scrambling or rushing to file their taxes now since today is the deadline across the United States. Thank God, we already did last week when our certified tax preparer called us, informing us that our returns are ready to be filed. So we went to see her last week. She told us to review or go over what she has done. We called her attention for a minor entry on the long form; she made notes to rectify it. Finally, we gave her her check for the tax service she rendered on our behalf. As usual, she filed ours electronically. This tax year, all members of my family are her clients now. A total of five, that is. Well, I commend her for her being professional and thorough. Wishing her the best, as always!

Well, this is all I can say or share with you, guys, at this time. Thank you for keeping me company. Until next time around. Take care and have a blessed and peaceful day, everyone! As always, may God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 15 Apr 2013

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