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Friday, April 26, 2013

Of Backyard, Dinner, Freny & Me (in Pictures)

Hi, everyone! Good day to all of us!

Learning about using a camera, taking pictures or photographs, is one of my favorite past times or shall we call it "hobbies" nowadays. I have no idea but it's self-taught, as you may see the final products of my so-called hobby in the following photographs taken between 23 to 25 April 2013...
 It was a windy day, 23 April in Hampton Roads, when I captured these pictures of our backyard. It was also drizzling and eventually raining the rest of the day. It was cold, too! And it's Springtime!
The photos below were taken on 24 April while I was in our eat-in kitchen figuring out what's for dinner. Likewise, I was also watching YouTube videos from my laptop.

The photos below were taken in the afternoon of 25 April, while my wife Freny started mowing our backyard lawn. With my chronic lower back problem, I can't do yard work or hard work, especially that involves lifting. That's why Freny does it, though I've told her time and time again that we'd just hire someone to do our lawn. But she said she can do it. So here she is...doing yard work in the afternoon, after coming home from school-work. She's amazing, indeed! I'm so lucky and appreciative of what she's doing for our family. She's an incredible and truly a caring woman, loving mother to my two awesome young adult children, Andrew and Tintin.

 Here are currently the status of our flowering plants, i.e, roses and bulbs, in our backyard...They're showing buds and blossoms...Gorgeous red roses!

 One of our fruit trees in our backyard, an apple tree, with flowers where buzzing bees doing pollination...

Here's what I prepared for dinner today: smoked frozen milkfish ("bangus" in Filipino language, bought at the Commissary last Sunday afternoon after Mass) that's going to the oven.

The other aluminum tray (left) contains a bag of mixed vegetables , with the addition of sliced onion.

Topping it with frozen shrimps (from the Commissary) and with a dash of Old Bay seafood seasoning and olive oil...the tray of mixed vegetables is ready for the pre-heated oven.

 Here's our dinner, my dear folks and friends...baked smoked milkfish, baked mixed vegetables with shrimps, and steamed white rice...Bon apetit!

 Let's partake what's on the table, my dear folks and friends! Bon apetit! But, of course, dinner won't be complete without table wine, either red or white. Let's pray and give thanks. Thank you, gracious and loving God. Thank you, Jesus! "Kain na po tayo!" (Let's now eat!)

Well, this is all for now. Hope you liked what you've seen. Thank you for your time. Until next time around. Take care and have a great day, everyone! May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 26 April 2013

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