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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Ramblings (w/ Self-Photography)

Hi, everyone! Today is another bright, sunny, warm/hot day in 757. The weather is, undoubtedly, like summer when, in fact, it's still Spring in North America and elsewhere. And summer is months and months away! Fyi, I haven't turned off our heater, although it's set on automatic. I wonder if I have to turn it off now and switch it to A/C (air condition) setting. But, in the meantime, let's wait and see...Folks and friends, it's time for flip flop, shorts and shirts. See what I have now in the embedded photos...Whew, it's hot in here!

What's to talk about? Let me see, my dear folks and friends...Topic number one: It's time to water the plants. This morning, at about ten, I went out to our backyard to see what the environment feels and looks like.First thing I noticed was our fruit trees. They're getting green again, with their young leaves sprouting, and flowers blooming. I saw a couple of busy bees circling around them, sniffing those nectar and pollen? Now, I decided to water the trees, and that one tree that I hope one day will be a big tree, giving me shade and enough oxygen. (How I loved to have a big shady tree in my backyard! In our first house, that's a rental house now, we have a big maple tree there. How I missed it, you know!)

Likewise, this is also the opportune time for me to check if/whether our coiled water hose (that's been outside for months and kind of "dormant") is still functioning/working or not. Man, it still is! But it has sort of leaks. Thank God.

Next topic that's getting to be annoying to me and making me lose my temper, at times (but I promise, it's under control): OMG, scooping up someone's dog's stinky, smelly poop! Yucky...! When I went out of my yard to bring one of our bins (trash and recycling) in that's already been emptied by the trash pick up/collector truck this morning, I was surprised to see this yucky, smelly lump of dirt, dog's poop from my next door neighbor, on our lawn just after opening fence door. This is not the first time that I've witnessed this filthy thing. It has been already going on for a while. My wife Freny will again be upset when I tell her about it this afternoon when she gets home from school-work. She has talked to our neighbor and dog owner several times already. But to no avail. It happened again. Before, I just remained silent whenever I saw another dog's poop. I had to clean or scoop it up, placed it a plastic bag and dropped it into our trash bin. Now, since that lumpy, stinky poop is on my way to pick up our black bin by the curbside, I had no choice but to scoop it up. But this time, I'm sorry to say that I had to throw it out to our neighbor's yard, in a corner adjacent to our yard. There are people out there who don't learn at all, or who abuse patience of others, or who are inconsiderate of others' welfare. In our "no soliciting" community, there's that sign on the pedestrian or jogging or biking lane on the main entrance road that says "Please clean up after your pet." I don't want to be argumentative or confrontational as I used to when I was younger. (Mind you, I was even branded as "pilosopo" or that attitude of philosophizing?) I want to be respectful and friendly with all our neighbors, as much as possible, you know. So, if this actuation of mine today is nor right or call it, "un-Christian" or "ungodly" then, I ask God's forgiveness. I just want my neighbor to teach a lesson. Or, probably, this time, when we see our neighbor or their teenage son next door, we'll tell them again about their  dog's poop "deposited" in our lawn or front yard. Hopefully this will be the last time to happen. let's keep our fingers crossed.

Moving on to another item that keeps me going in life: Letting go or giving up of attitudes, feelings, thoughts I can't control. I must admit, before and while in the military service, I have had this passion or obsession to be always clean, organized, presentable to a degree. Having been/served in the military, with military training while still in high school and college, I learned some life skills, personal discipline, hygiene, orderliness, organization, management, etc. As life went on, and I got married and tried to maintain a smooth relationship with my wife, and continues to do so, I learned to compromise and to forget myself for the sake of the other or others that I care about in life. It's hard, at times, to the point that I get frustrated, upset, depressed, you name it. But then, I realized it's not worth it to be doing the cleaning, organizing, working stuff all the time, while others don't do anything or cooperate with you in your desire to have a welcoming home, a cleaner, more organized environment, etc. Somehow, I feel like I lost the battle, therefore, I have to give up. i have no choice but to go with the flow, with that kind of attitude "whatever!" Because if I continued doing the cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering, etc., despite my physical disability, it would be unfair to me doing all the things. Thus, in the end, it would only make myself miserable in the end. So, finally, I learned to let free me from worries and stress. Yes, I have given up my 'idealistic" aspiration/s about life. I just tell myself to live life one day at a time, not to lose hope. To live the present moment the best I can is all that I do.

Well, if I sound a little disappointed today or if I rambled too much, I am sorry, Lord. I didn't intend to bring this out but I can't just be silent and cool all the time, pretending I'm all well when, in reality, I have had some things on my mind that needed to be expressed so I would feel okay, I think. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I guess.

Until next time around, my dear folks and friends. Thank you for keeping me company. Take care and have a nice day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 18 Apr 2013

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