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Monday, March 12, 2012

Early to Bed, Early to Rise (to Read Blogs?)

Happy bright and sunny Monday, everyone! How did your weekend go? Did you go anywhere? Did you do something that is pleasing to our good and gracious God? Good. Hope and pray that you're doing well this Lenten Season.

Last night, I went to bed early. But I woke up early, too, this morning, at five o'clock.I just said "thank you, God!" That was my short prayer, folks. So what did I do, while Mrs. was still in her deep slumber? (She'd wake up after six for her school-work.) I turned on my laptop and read "Catholic" blogs, first. One of the blog articles that caught my attention was about this priest in Washington, D.C. who "refused" or "denied" communion to someone during the funeral Mass of this someone's mom. As I understand, the said priest is suspended from his priestly ministry and now on administrative leave while the investigation of this case by the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. continues. I did read some of the comments made with mixed reactions or feedback. Was the priest right in denying giving communion to this someone (who happens to be a lesbian?) because of his religious conviction? Or, are there other issues involved connected or linked to the suspension of this priest? I, myself, don't know the real story. I hope and pray that the truth comes out, with God's guidance and enlightenment.

From there, I visited and read other links or blog posts from the ones I've been following. Well, I just wanted to gain more insights into what others have been writing about. Pretty interesting, and encouraging, these "Catholic" articles were! There's this one about a deacon who, I just learned, is a retired U.S. Navy Commander and doing well in his parish. There's also this blogger, a Catholic convert (from Protestant religion) who writes, in one of his posts, about his experience as an English teacher in China when he was in his early 20s.

Another blog post that I read pertains to this S.J. priest (who happened to be free of responsibility one Sunday) and decided to attend a Tridentine Mass (Latin Mass) out of curiosity? What's his impression after the Mass? His take was not to adapt it, given the choice, when celebrating a Mass. Can you blame him, folks? But, of course, there are faithful out there, mostly older Catholics, who like the old tradition, Latin Mass. That's their choice, or preference, too. Well, let's respect them, just as we extend or do the same respect to this priest. Period. What I know is that the Vatican allows Catholic churches to celebrate Latin Mass for as long as the officiating priest is comfortable with it.

Well, folks, from blogs, I shifted to YouTube videos, specifically on what's going on in Syria. But before that  I watched a video of a U.S. official delivering a condolence statement about the recent incident in Afghanistan involving a U.S. soldier who, according to news media like NPR, allegedly  massacred 16 innocent children and women there. (I had to pause for a while and prayed for the dead and the U.S. soldier.)  And, yes, going back to the ongoing uprising/revolution in Syria in connection with this Arab Spring. There's this young British man of Syrian descent who has become an activist and did witness and report chaos in Homs, in Syria. Then, there were other videos from YouTube about Syria. Yay, I don't know who to believe. Confusing, that is! Lies or propaganda? There are demonstrations, in the video, that support the regime of the current Syrian administration under President Assad. Likewise, there are videos in YouTube of Syrians who want regime change. That's why they're out there protesting, sacrificing their lives. God, I pray for peace in Syria and the rest of the world! Please, God, stop and end violence and killing of innocent people all over the world!

This is all for now, folks. Would you join me in praying for peace around the world. Thank you. Until next time around. Have a great day, everyone!-chris a. quilpa, 12March2012

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